A New Angle on Swedish Design

Ever heard of anything collapsable and Swedish not being IKEA? Ever heard of the Swedish design duo Kristian and KristinThey are the latest design studio emerging from Sweden and was just awarded the Red Dot Design Award, now they are off to Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan to show a collapsable desk that’s being assembled with invisible magnetic screws. Riot inspired porcelain skulls and a sculptural vectorized coffee table. A new angle on Swedish design.

The Babylon Tower Desk

The Babylon Tower Desk seems to be randomly put together pieces of wood – momentary but monumental inspired by the sixteenth century painting by Bruegel. It is a personal space for the gathering of one’s things and thoughts. And as with the original Tower of Babel it, quite surprisingly, collapses into a very flat pack.”
Kristin Leibel

Babylon tower desk

The Hedonist Skulls

The Hedonist skulls begin as blank canvases and ends up as brief thoughts on human nature. The idea came from a newspaper image of an angry mob carrying signs with an unusual image of a skull and crossbones. This naive and “Munchesque” depiction of the human skull caught our attention and the thought of transforming it into a three dimensional object emerged.”
Kristian Andréason

The Hedonist skulls

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