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Today we have another portfolio of an amazing artist for you. Be inspired by the unique and beautiful works of Silas Toball.

I’m Silas Toball and I create worlds for your soul’s adventure.
Virtual tapestries. Visionscapes. Soundshapes. Art and music and sacred geometry are the companions on this journey.

I’ve always dreamt of creating worlds. Growing up in a small village in Germany I was largely insulated from pop culture, which gave me the gift of unbridled imagination. I dared to think new worlds could be mine.
When the Commodore Amiga arrived in the 80’s it was a perfect sandbox for world-creating with images in 32 colors and 8 bit four-channel sound. Game and interface design gigs soon followed, as did a freelance career as one of the first web designers in Germany.

In 2005 I rediscovered the music of Gustav Mahler who had been a presence in my childhood home. Fascinated by those multi-layered emotional worlds in classical compositions I dove deeper, with inspirations from Alexander Scriabin to Richard Strauss. After attending a symphony concert in Prague that left me both haunted and inspired, I was compelled to ask myself the question: what, for me, is the highest form of artistic expression? My life changed in a single moment when my soul answered clearly “the symphony.”

Around the same time digitized sound libraries started to emerge, enabling realistic orchestral music mockups. The new possibilities found their way into my studio.
At the same time my traditional art-making alchemised more and more with my digital techniques; it was the birth of my large scale digital mixed-media pieces which were emerging on calendars, album covers, oracle decks and other media.
My world shifted once again in 2012 as I saw the beginnings of 3D fractals. This and other generative design technologies intrigued and inspired me to delve further into multimedia shows.
In 2015 I started to compose and curate music journeys with the therapeutic purpose of diving into the inner universe of one’s psyche for personal insights, inspiration and healing.

Now in 2021, our post-Covid family of humanity is challenged by isolation. I hope to bridge the distance between us with art and music, with the help of VR technology. But regardless what unfolds over the next few years, I’ll be creating worlds for you to explore. And as we emerge from this isolation, I hope we’ll meet at a planetarium where we can adventure through the inner dimensions together.

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