A look at the Works of Louisa Potapchik

Today we’ll take a look at the works of Louisa Potapchik. Her work is really mesmerizing, so let’s be inspired by her portfolio!

In my work I take the audience on a graceful art journey through ancient everlasting nature phenomena that are still beyond our comprehension. My belief is that the boundary between art, nature and spirituality is very subtle. We are losing out so much by not taking in account our mind and spirit connection to the natural environment, yet ironically we all know that we all are inseparable part of nature. In my work, I use moving image, photography and sound to challenge our experience of reality. My work is not based on knowledge or rules, but rather the essence. Nature is so functional, picturesque and mesmerizing, and we never get tired of being inspired by it.

by Louisa Potapchik

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by Louisa Potapchik

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by Louisa Potapchik

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