A guide of UI design trends for 2021

UI is an acronym for the User Interface whereas UX is for user experience. Both of them are quite common terms used when it comes to design. UI/UX is an important component of any software product. All the UI designers should be well aware of such trends and use them where ever they find them useful. Some of the best trends suggested by the web design company USA that will rule 2021 are following.

Motion Graphics

It is one of the most common knowledge that every designer should acquire when it comes to design visual information. You should remember that audience gets convinced with the visual design rather than text. Several Graphic Designing tools like Adobe After Effects or website development software have made work for many designers simpler.

Low Contrast Gradients

Gradients are useful for color blending. It is the oldest trend that has been used since the 90s century. It is useful for giving an attraction to the logos and other components. Also, it is quite easy to incorporate the UI design.  Designers use the color wheel along with the mixing of two colors.

Immersive Full-Screen Design

Screen sizes are becoming bigger and bigger whereas attention is getting reduced. In order to reduce the bounce rates, you should ensure that your website people don’t stick to your website for long. With the best performance of the full-screen design, you can ensure that your users are engaged and interested to use your products.

Use voice interface for interaction

With too many applications coming up, people do need some off-screen time. Hence you can use a voice interface. With natural language processing, you can make your customer experience easy.  Voice assistance and several other devices are becoming common. People are getting more used to voice technology.


You must have heard about the new craze coming up known as the glassmorphism. It is one of the advanced trends in the UI that is based on the background blur feature. It would help you to create a through to glass effect in your mobile application. GlassMorphism was introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista and apple in iOS7.

Using Real-life Pictures

Everyone is mostly tired of the illustrations and the 3D effects in the product design. Hence this is the best time to use real-life photographs in your UI. As per famous UI Designers, Illustrations might not everyone like and various people expect real items. So it is quite preferable to use real-life images.

Vivid Colors

You can take a look at some of the famous designs. With the best color combinations, you can design your UI in such a way that it can differentiate your products and make people remember them.  Another most famous trend is blurred and colorful backgrounds. Many UI designers are making use of the blurred backgrounds to make the look application aesthetic and organic. For more information, you can read this article. It will help you to gain more insights.

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