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Pre-made layouts are definitely time savers. Using them to their full advantage can markedly improve productivity, and enable a project to be completed in less time. A web designer can do more in a shorter amount of time, which can mean more satisfied customers and additional income.

A pre-made layout is typically selected because it bears a strong relationship to the theme of the product to be developed, and since these layouts represent conceptual ideas, they can also serve as brainstorming and idea generating tools. Pre-made layouts, when combined with world class support, tend to increase productivity even more, as this level of support is typified by prompt responses providing workable solutions.

What Pre-made Layouts Bring to the Table

Pre-made layouts are extremely useful and popular features of many theme-oriented WordPress packages. The quality embedded in these layouts can mean everything however. They need to relate to today’s social and economic world, and they must offer design versatility and flexibility.

When a WordPress theme that is dedicated to a specific niche is chosen, the number of available layouts it offers can be small, but for multi-use theme, having more selections there are to choose from is not only better, but necessary, and any selection of layouts should exhibit the quality evident in the examples shown here.








Each of these quality layouts conveys a message or is the beginning of a story to be told. Each represents a foundation to build on when developing a website’s message. Layouts are remarkably easy to install and work with; as you will see.

Installing and Editing a Be Theme Layout – A Quick and Easy Task

Installing a Be Theme layout takes no more time than it takes to select one. In fact, the process does not take much more than the click of a mouse, and editing is nearly as fast and just as easy. You can see how easy both of these processes are by watching this brief video.

When you are working with Be Theme to build a web page, an app, or an entire website, you will find that almost all of the processes involved are every bit as simple. They are not only quick and easy to perform, but the editing process, to give one example, is extremely intuitive. This theme features powerful design tools and aids are backed up by one of the most helpful and competent support teams you will find anywhere should you encounter a problem or have a question.

See what some typical Be Theme users have to say:






Easy, best, and great customer support are typical responses.

Good Support, Great Support, or World Class Support?

What brand of support should you be looking for? A good answer might you would want to experience a level of support commensurate with the quality you intend to put into the product you are building. When you encounter a problem, same day customer service is nice to have (some themes make you wait a day), and a response within an hour is even better.

On the other hand, a response that requires only a few minutes of waiting time on you part, and often no waiting time at all 24/7,qualifies as world class support. This is especially true when those you talk to or chat with make every effort to give you detailed answers and impeccably correct solutions.




A detailed response to a question, a concise answer to a request for information, and a little praise for awesome customer support. Typical feedback for Be Theme.

Users Rave about Be Theme’s Features

Different users might choose different features to rave about, but as far as favorites are concerned, it’s a toss-up between the selection and quality of the pre-made layouts, the world class support that is offered, and the Muffin page builder.

The 100+ Pre-made Layouts are far greater in number than will be found in any other WordPress theme. If you find one or more of the six examples presented here inspiring, imagine what having 100 or more at your fingertips could do to get you off to a running start.

The Muffin Builder is extremely popular with Be Theme users. It is a user-friendly, drag and drop, intuitive tool that you would have every right to expect to be featured in a premium WordPress theme. Muffin Builder does not require the use of code. On the other hand, using code or the shortcodes that are supplied are options that can certainly be used to good advantage.

Layout editing and the page building processes are so intuitive that you will find yourself getting in to a flow, and able to turn out page after high quality page quickly and easily. This is where Be Theme’s Layout Configurator can have a positive influence on the eventual look and feel of your website. Page after page of material that begins to look as if a cookie-cutter template was involved in their creation can lead to an end product that can be dull and uninspiring. End users appreciate a little variety, which is what the Layout Configurator provides by creating pages that feature a certain amount of uniqueness.

Admin Panels may not be as exciting as layouts and page builders, but you will find that the Admin Panel in this WordPress theme is an absolute blessing for developing complex webpages, such as shopping pages featuring a variety of product views, comparisons, and the like. The Admin Panel also keeps your design process under control as you rapidly drag, drop, and edit elements while creating page after stunning page.

There are of course many more useful, and at time powerful features available, and their learning curves are in virtually every case not steep at all. This theme is responsive, retina ready, platform and browser cross compatible, and WooCommerce, WMPL, and RTL ready as well. Another feature you will quickly become aware of is speed. Customer support should be mentioned one more time, since world class support is a core feature to be proud of for any product.

Investigate and Discover

Take the time to find out more about Be Theme. You will be glad you did, especially of you dig a bit deeper into what the various features have to offer. Be sure to take advantage of the free demos this theme offers that indicate how the design elements embedded in the pre-made layouts can effectively be put to use. The more you look, the more you will like what you see.

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