8 Web Design tips for Beginners in 2019

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Hello Folks, welcome to this post. So, you’ve reached out here to know some of the topmost web design tips for beginners. Maybe you’re the one who has just begun his or career in web designing or you could be someone who desires to learn some facts about web designing. No worries, I’m here to help you with the same in the kindest and the most acknowledged manner. Let’s get into that together to make things more clear and understandable for all of us.

Once you follow and apply these below-mentioned tactics into the real, you will be going to realize how simple is it in actual to design a website.

Some Valuable Tips for Novices
Here are some points that you ought to bear in your mind when designing a website:

1. Simplify the Layout

Whenever you tend to design a website, try to make it as simple as you could. It doesn’t matter how much skilled and creative you’re, you just strive to design in it a way through which it seems simple and organized. The reason being the over-usage of programming or anything else will only make your website look complex which later on is going to make you feel regret about your website. Hence, “simplicity is the best policy” over here so do proceed further with this only.

2. Use Suitable Colors

Color plays a very huge role whenever it happens to designing a website. You always need to put up consideration on the colors which you are going to opt while designing a website. Here, my personal suggestion for you would be NOT to choose any color in a hurry. In fact, you need to ensure that the colors for which you are planning to opt goes well with the services your brand is offering.

3. Pick the Right Fonts

“FONTS” this phrase may sound a normal word to you but do not take it so lightly. Fonts are something which is going to make a huge difference in your web designing process and due to this, you need to ensure that the fonts you’ve planned to use are going well with the theme of your business. You need to plan out proper and precise fonts for the content present on your website so as to make it seem more catchy and attractive.

4. Use HQ Images and Videos

Certainly, if you are designing a web site then there comes a time when you will plan out to add a few images or videos onto your website. In this case, you ought to make sure that the images and videos which you have been planning to add on your website design are of high quality and clear enough to attract visitors’ attraction towards it. Images and videos are such a big deal therefore, make sure you’re paying proper attention towards it.

5. Format the Contents of the Website

The site’s contents should be well formatted to encourage visitors to see your website. Note that misaligned texts are never gratifying to the sights of human beings, so make certain the sections are organized in an adequate way. Well, here, I would personally suggest you to go with a narrow layout because that way it is much simpler to see the text.

6. Follow a Uniform Style

Uniformity plays an impeccable role whenever it happens to designing a website. There must be regularity in your web design ALWAYS. Adhere to a specific style and make use of it on the entire site in the right way, for sure. You need to ensure making the use of the same colors, fonts, and layout so that your users would not get annoyed and perplexed whiles their visit on your website.

7. Make Your Website User-Friendly

Remember that the purpose you developed your site is to get more traffic and boost your search engine rankings, hence it is vital that the website it quickly obtainable for your likely clients and visitors. For this, you need to ensure that you’re providing a convenient comment box, menu bar, FAQ page, and contact information.

8. Use as much CSS as required

Cascading Style Sheets offers various techniques that are not accessible in table format. One good characteristic is the complete departure in the design of a web page and the information on the equivalent page. Thus, when changes need to be made on the draft, all you require to do is substitute the CSS file.


Being a web designer, you need to understand the fact that “when it happens to web designing less is always more.” So do remember this always while designing a website and follow it.
Consider these tips and do let me know what your views on it are. Bye for now folks!!!

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