7 Unheard Business Apps Which Might Interest You

Business apps are handy tools for working professionals. They require them to carry on with their daily work on the go. A business app installed on your smart phone lets you keep in touch with peers, lets you write reports, perform HR tasks and many other routine jobs which you would miss out on, due to shortage of time.

Business productivity has increased manifolds due to these business apps. They allow a person to steal time between travelling and accomplishing business tasks which are left pending due to time constraints. Every business person carries with him a smart phone or a tablet for using business apps and accessing emails etc.

These business apps increase efficiency and productivity and help a person to stay in touch with clients while travelling. The essence of the smart phone is its business appeal. It seems that the device was created keeping in mind a modern entrepreneur. But the device alone cannot provide functionality without these business apps. Remember that hardware cannot function without appropriate software.



Microsoft office 365, Dropbox, Adobe reader and Paypal are a few business apps which we use every day. But many business people are always on the lookout for a business app which is extraordinary and can take his organizational skills to the next level.

So here is my list of a few business apps which can improve professional skills and business efficiency. There is a good chance that you might not have heard about these business apps before.

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings visit

This is an amazing cross platform app which is available for iOS, Blackberry and Android. It allows you to have a business video meeting, no matter where you are in the world. It also enables users to attach and share PowerPoint presentations and excel spreadsheets to discuss important facts and figures during the meeting. This business app is a blessing for business people who spend more time in travelling and need to attend meetings at the same time.

2. ABBYY visit

ABBYY is a business card reader app for Android and iOS. While attending meetings and conferences all across the globe, your wallet bloats up with a huge stack of acquired business cards, requiring you to shun a few ones at times, although it might not be the greatest of ideas. At times you even don’t remember, who gave you a particular card and where. ABBYY app lets you scan and store business cards in your smart phone, so that you don’t have to carry them physically. It can easily store and upload business contact details of the card in seconds.

3. Percentage Calculator

A normal preinstalled smart phone calculator sucks. It allows only basic calculations like addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Such simple calculations can be done mentally as well. What about percentages? I’m sure most of us would be incapable of doing percentage calculations mentally. So here is Percentage calculator, an app which calculates percentages accurately. It is available both for Android and iOS. A business is all about numbers and figures and getting them right is the key to success. The Percentage calculator has 8 methods of calculating percentages. So choose one which suits you the most.

4. TripIt visit

This one is a must have app for frequent business travellers and available for Android and iOS. It is a travel organization app which allows you to organize and share your travel itineraries. It can recognize your reservations from more than 3,000 online booking websites including flights, restaurants, car rental and cruises. You can also share your travel schedule through your Facebook page or your LinkedIn account, so that your peers exactly know where you shall be available and when.

5. BillMinder visit

Available in both Android and IOS versions, BillMinder is a significant app for managing the outflow of business payments. It can be a headache to manage and remember due dates of pending invoices, which might attract late payment charges, if not paid in time. This is a smart app which reminds you when a particular is due for payment. It also helps to track your expenses by creating charts and graphs. BillMinder also provides suggestions on cost saving methods.

6. Splashtop Business visit

Splashtop is an incredible iPhone app which can help you to connect and access your business/home computer through your iPhone or iPad. Your iPhone screen virtually turns into your computer screen. For this to be possible, you have to install the Splashtop download streamer into your PC and sync it with your iPhone device via the app. It supports multi-users and ensures security through a 256-bit SSL encryption.

7. coach.me visit

Previously called full, it is a personal organizational app for Android and iOS. It helps you to schedule tasks and manage your daily work and personal schedule. You can set goals, join micro-communities and schedule tasks which you would like to prioritize and do at the beginning of the day.

So which one of these app interests you more? Kindly share your opinions and reviews with me. Users are welcome to share information on any other business app, which they think should feature on this list.

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