7 Tips To Develop Mobile Apps With Surefire UI Designs

There is no dearth of mobile applications in the app stores out there. However, if you will ponder into the stores, it can be observed that there are many that went bad due to their poor UI design. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of app design and consider all the associated key factor while designing to ensure an application’s success.

Indubitably, the advent of Smartphones has revolutionized the businesses across the globe. If you are interested in developing a mobile app, here are some resourceful tips that can help you design an intuitive and engaging mobile application.

Keep design detains in mind

Whether it is elegant and easy-to-read typography or high resolution graphics, equally focus on and every minor detail of your app. It is advisable to jot down all the key aspects associated with your app design and make appropriate strives to ensure that all the incorporated content is visually appealing and captivating.

Mobile app has added advantage integrate that in the app

Unlike desktop applications, the mobile apps can reap the benefits of mobile functions like camera, GPS, built-in screen sensors etc. For this you will need to wisely design your app and consider all the features of your targeted device and platform.

Add precise and concise information

To ensure simple and convenient user experience (UX), it is recommended to keep the information as minimum as possible. Minimize the information, the more minimalist the design will be. And, I hope you are aware that flat and minimalist designs are in current trends.

Make friends with icons

Icons are the wonderful part of the UI elements that helps app deliver an aesthetic appeal while ensuring quality functioning. By using appropriate icons, you are conveniently comprehend the thing without consuming much screen space. Thus, in every sense, icons add to a better and more intuitive design.

However, it is advisable to incorporate only known and common icons. Surprising users with some new icon could annoy them and force them to abandon your app, thus it is better to integrate commonly known icons that are consistently in use for ages. For instance,

  • cross – to close an open file
  • triangle – to play a file
  • square – to stop a running file
  • Facebook icon – for sharing on Facebook
  • These are just a few of them and there are a lot more.

Optimize the button size and button position

Keep the rule of thumb in mind while designing your app. No matter what is the main target of your app, whether it is an entertainment app or educational app, make sure that all the integrated tabs and buttons are easily accessible, even when the phone is held and operated via a single hand only. And, also ensure that the incorporated button is not occupying enough screen space while allowing users to conveniently access it as and when they desire.

Design that enhances user experience

To make users stick to your application, keep enhancing its features. The regular users can somehow feel bored with the same design and feature, you can always upgrade the user experience layer by layer with the increasing number of app access made to your app.

Consider the platform and screen size well while designing

Different platforms have different considerations. Where Android offers a back button to its users, in iOS the back function is software controlled. It is a small example that differentiates the designs of the two platforms. Similarly, there are many more that are need to be considered while designing, whether you are designing an app dedicated to a particular platform or creating a cross-platform app.

Abiding the aforementioned tips can help you develop a successful application in the market. Ensure easy navigation, adhere to the latest design trends and integrated the latest technicalities in your app to deliver superior functionality to your end users.


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