7 Tips Building An Impressive Small Business Website Design

Be it a small, medium, micro, or even a localized business-like a barber’s shop the importance of online presence can’t be set aside. While as a localized shop owner you can do it with an advertisement or the best listing your business with the popular platform (like Urban Clap, Justdial) while as a medium, small, or micro business owner there is a need for concrete online presence. This comes only with a website.

Yes, I know that if you are one of those small business owners you would say that I haven’t made a website ever and this would be our 1st attempt online. Well, not to worry as many are there who are like you. Since a small business has a limited and defined fiscal room for online presence creation and the idea is to get the best out of available resources. While big businesses top web and graphic design company can hire website developers, website designing companies, Digital marketers, etc to build that online presence a small business has to take that creative hat out. And thus, keeping that in mind we have come with some of the effective tips to build an impressive and attractive business website especially if you are a small business owner.

Now all you must do is just read the points out clearly, take note of them, and then get into action. Without much ado here we go:

Check Your Needs

First things first. You need to list down what are your business needs. That is what kind of website suits the style of your business. Say for example if you are a food processing business then your website should be like an e-store where users can place orders as well as there must be a display of food safety certifications. Similarly, a construction business based frim’s website would have the details about projects undertaken and other credentials.

The CMS Selection

Content Management System (CMS) lies at the core of your website’s design and development. It is like a base on which your whole website would be constructed For a small business something that is affordable and effective is the idea. That’ where WordPress comes to rescue for all. WordPress is one of the most used and popular CMS that backs around 60% to70% of the websites that are live on the internet. The best part is that it is totally free and you have the option to get plugins (add ons) fee too. Thus, you can easily modify the website as per the needs.

Engagement Of Visitors

That’s the key right? What purpose your website would serve if visitors are not spending time on it? Would it be useful? Of course not. You need to add elements like the color theme, pictures, videos, etc on your web pages (with special focus on landing and home pages) in such a manner that they trigger the user’s attention and are in sync with your business as well. Example: A greenish theme on a construction based business’s website would be an illogical and non-suitable one.

Regularity Of Content

Content is like fresh fruits and vegetables whose supply shall be kept on. You can’t afford to put some content on your website and wait for it to do the magic for your user engagement part. Regular posting of relatable and meaningful content that connects to the users or answers a common query of users is the best way to build engagement. Thus, the blog or video section should be a part of your website’s design from the start.


Some of the most popular brands and businesses have one of the simplest of the design and structure for their website. Yes, those flashy color theme, complex logo, multiple sectioning of the website is not an idea that you should go for. It may work in 1 out of 10 cases but believe me its not the ideal thing to do. Stick to basics and simple things and make changes based on your strong feelings and assessment and not just blindly copying others and your competitors.

SEO Friendliness

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has now become a sine qua non to get your self established online. Simply saying you need to do SEO to get the desired traffic and results from your website. Thus, your website’s design should be something that is SEO friendly.

CTAs And Responsiveness

Responsiveness of a website is the need of the hour and to reach the widest possible user base you need to have a responsive website. You must ensure that the design of the website is suitable for the responsiveness needs and is not acting as a hindrance in the path. Next and the most important thing is that the design should be accommodative to the Call to Action (CTAs) as these are important elements on the web pages that derive the desired actions from the users.

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