7 Mobile Marketing Tips For A Successful Holiday

There are plenty of things to consider over the holiday season, and one of them is your mobile marketing. If you want it to really catch fire over the holidays, here are seven tips you can use to help.

1). Make mobile your focus

If you aren’t focusing on mobile marketing, and it’s only an afterthought, you aren’t going to get very far with it. Instead, make mobile your immediate focus, and put it first. When you do that, you can really help your mobile marketing take off and grow. That can help your business expand by leaps and bounds throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

2). Keep it personal

Personalization is another important way to ensure that your mobile marketing is working. According to Benjamin Robbins, co-founder of Palador, “Mobile gives you the opportunity to connect directly to your audience, one on one”. People like to feel important, and they like to be recognized. If you can give them that through your mobile presence, you can make their holidays brighter. They will remember that feeling and carry it with them into the new year, which can help ensure your company will be in their minds, as well.

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3). Look back at the last holiday season

What did you do at the end of the last season, when the holidays were approaching? Did it work for you? If it did, you’ll want to do it – or a variation of it – again. If it didn’t, it’s clearly time to try something else. You can learn a lot of lessons from past years and the ways you tried to get your mobile marketing moving. Take those lessons, and make this holiday season’s mobile marketing work for you.

4). Page speed matters

When it comes to mobile marketing, page speed matters. You want your site to load fast and consistently. If it doesn’t, people are going to navigate away and find something else, which can really hurt your sales. If you want to make sure people are staying on your pages with their mobile device, give them a good experience and optimize your pages to load quickly.

5). Take an omnichannel approach

Focusing on just one channel for mobile marketing isn’t going to give your customers and potential customers enough value. With a multi-channel or omnichannel approach, you have a much larger opportunity for people to find what you have to offer and purchase from your company easily and conveniently.

6). Get started right away

Don’t wait around. The holiday season has already started, and you want to capitalize on that as much as possible. Time is money, and the season will be over before you know it. If you want to ignite your mobile marketing, you have to get started and keep it moving all through the holiday season.

7). Buying should be easy

Make it easy for people to buy from you, or they aren’t going to. If it’s too hard to purchase something from your site using a mobile device, people will just buy from your competitor. To avoid that, make buying a breeze. That lowers holiday stress, and keep people coming back, even once the holiday season is over.

According to Inc.com and its tips from the best mobile marketers in the world, being timid is not the way to go. Seizing the day, and all that comes with it, is the way to make sure you really ignite your mobile marketing this holiday season.

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