6 Ways to Getting Design Freelancing Projects Easily

Our age is the age of digital technologies. It is also the age of extreme competitiveness in terms of job markets. The Internet and numerous other inventions made our everyday lives significantly easier. However, it made our professional lives much more complex. Of course, we can seek out jobs anywhere in the world, we can get an education online, change the work field, upgrade our knowledge, and gain some new insights into the profession. On the other hand, there has been an ever-increasing need for self-promotion due to the highly competitive work environment and constantly shifting demand for new specialists. This is especially relevant for freelancers, who have to have strong self-representation in order to find new projects. In this article we will focus on some tips on how to do it, concentrating on the struggles of graphic and web designers. With this advice, you will be able to get new freelancing projects in no time!

1. Getting exposure.

Well, it is a good idea to use as many web platforms for getting projects as possible. While such places as Upwork or Freelancer.com are obvious, we would advise concentrating on design-specific websites such as Behance, DesignCrowd, and Fiverr. You can prolong this list by googling similar websites and creating your profiles there. It will ensure that you can monitor more job offers and have access to a bigger number of opportunities.

2. Networking.

Even at our digital times, nobody has canceled a word of mouth. So the more people you know, the better. Talk to your friends, attend various designer events, do not be afraid to get yourself and your portfolio out there. In parallel to this, create a helpful network of sources on the web. Register on design forums and enroll in relevant Facebook groups. You never know what might come along with a new acquaintance. It is also not a bad idea to start your blog and attract customers as well as colleagues there. If you are not very good at writing, you can get your essay online and many more blogpost materials.

3. Social media as a portfolio.

It turns out, Instagram is suitable not only for posting selfies and pictures of food. It actually can be a powerful self-promotion tool, as well as the number of other social media platforms out there. Use it well and it will work as your personal marketing campaign. Arrange a page dedicated to your works and gain some following. Ask your existing clients to live an online review of your cooperation on these platforms and include updates about your latest and upcoming freelance projects.

4. Reputation.

There are numerous factors in building a good professional reputation for yourself. Quality of your work, ethics, communication skills, punctuality – all of it is a part of the bigger picture. To attract new customers you have to keep an impeccable reputation, this means sticking to your promises and delivering work on time. You have to be really organized and clearly see how much workload you can take at the moment. To sum up – no one likes hearing sloppy excuses after passed deadlines. So make sure you stick to your promises and do not burn yourself out with lots of tasks.

5. Attitude.

Being a freelance design specialist is an alluring perspective. However, it has its downsides. You are your own boss and your own employee, meaning you have to do the job of arranging everything and delivering results. Sometimes it is hard to be upbeat and productive while being on your own as a freelancer. Figure out the best way to arrange the work process for yourself. It might be a home work station, a co-working in a city center, or your favorite quiet café. Whatever works for you and your mood. And even though you are self-employed and do not have a fixed schedule, our advice – arrange one. Dedicate several hours every day not only to accomplishing your projects but also to self-promotion online. And do not forget to rest in between, practice self-care, and get enough socializing.

6. Keeping clients.

This is quite important. How to get a client to come back to you if everyone is satisfied and the cooperation was fruitful? Well, considering you have delivered flawless results and followed all-time frameworks, you can offer constant design services for such customers. Create s service pack with attractive price points and useful additional features. Customize this pack according to the needs of each client and offer them something no one can afford – time. By avoiding constantly looking for designers to hire, they can just keep working with a versatile and responsible specialist like you. So make sure the offer is on the table and it is as highly irresistible.

Following this simple guideline will greatly improve your client base and possibly save you a good deal of time. Do not be fooled by how easy it might seem. For these steps to work, you have to put a lot of effort into each one of them. And of course, have a great passion for your craft. Good luck!

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Sandra Larson is a web designer with years of experience and a vast client base. She often works with big brands and has created a blog to share her career path with her peers. Lately, she has been interested in digital marketing and freelance job market research. Currently, Sandra leads her own website elizabethanauthors.org where she writes about famous authors.

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