6 Rooms from Famous Paintings Brought to Real Life

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Have you ever thought about reproducing a plot of famous paintings in real life? If yes, what should it be? We agree that bringing a landscape to real life is challenging and it can take the entire human life to achieve an accurate result. While there is nothing complicated in bringing to life rooms. Some people have already come to this idea and brought to life some rooms initially painted on oil on canvas.

Rooms Tell Us a History

Even the most famous painters have been creating their masterpieces from a real place, in most cases, a studio, a garden, or just a room. Some painters even painted those rooms where they lived. For contemporary artists, those are not just famous paintings but a piece of art history. Thus, what about plunging into the reality of famous painters by having a look at the surroundings where they lived and created? The most amazing journey is starting!

1. Bedroom in Arles by Vincent van Gogh

It was back in winter 1888 when Vincent van Gogh made a trip to Arles in the hope to find a place where he could live and create. His plans were to move somewhere with a lot of sunshine, much more sunshine than Paris had. His beloved brother Theo (he was also Vincent`s art dealer) and his dear friend Paul Gauguin had to join the famous painter later.
That sunny place was Arles, where Vincent has painted everything, even his room.

From this painting, you can see how Van Gogh`s bedroom looked. This room is located in a so-called “the Yellow House”. You might think that the painter has made the wall uneven because it was his style, but no. The wall was not at a usual 90 degrees angle to align it with the street.

What about visiting the room and even staying there overnight? Well, the room itself was of course not preserved, but when you check more attentively, you, most likely, will find an Airbnb posting about a room located in Chicago. It is made to look exactly like the one on the famous oil on canvas.

2. My Dining Room by Wassily Kandinsky

There is no special story behind this painting. Wassily Kandinski painted his own dining room. You can see though that it is one of his later works. He has come to the art late, after observing the vibrant colours of city-life and iconic art of that time.

It is located in Murnau, Germany, and is open to the public. Thus, if you are a fan of Wassily Kandinski and his work, you can visit the famous dining room: everything is restored there to the smallest detail to look exactly like at the time when he was living there and exactly like in his painting.

3. Still Life with Plaster Cupid by Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne, like many famous artists of that time, has found his inspiration in the southern part of France. Though he didn’t have to look for a safe and inspirational retreat to create. He was born and raised there, in the Aix-en-Provence area that has always been his home and place where he created his masterpieces.

An old farmhouse was remade into a beautiful studio filled with sun. Here, the famous artist created his masterpieces, including the sweet charming Cupid. The reproduction of this painting can be ordered on https://www.1st-art-gallery.com/, and the studio is still there, in the old farmhouse. Everything is reconstructed there as it was during the life of the painter and open to his fans and art admirers.

4. Drawing Room of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna by Eduard Hau

The painting impresses by details depicted in it. It even looks more like a photo than a painting. It could have served as a sample for the room restorers so detailed and exact it is. It can be compared with famous portraits if we could speak about the portraits of rooms.

We would like to say that you can visit it, moreover, the Winter Palace is a museum now and is open to the public. However, it is a pity but we cannot say so. The Winter Palace was completely ruined during the revolution of 1917. Most of the furniture was demolished and spoilt. The same fate has befallen all the interior decorations. Later, the Winter Palace was reconstructed but almost everything was brought from other palaces or built again. Thus, what you can see is a replica of the room.

5. The Courtroom of the Alhambra by Leon Auguste Asselineau

Alhambra can be considered a pearl of Granada, thus, there is nothing unusual that this place has inspired many painters to create the masterpieces that now belong to the iconic art. When the Moors arrived at Alhambra from the harsh North African deserts, they perceived it as a real paradise. The place is known for its finest creations of Moorish art and attracts a lot of tourists. If you have a chance to visit Andalusia, don`t skip this place.

6. The Crimson Drawing Room, Windsor Castle, by James Baker Pune

Windsor Castle is one of the largest castles that are still occupied. While the painting was created in 1838, by comparing it with the original, you will be amazed at how the tradition is kept in the Windsor Castle. Hardly anything is changed. The Castle is open to the public and you can pass by to compare the room in the painting and the prototype. Don`t forget to book tickets in advance though.

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