6 Most Wanted Apps for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are creative people who are never short of ideas. But at times much like writers who encounter a writer’s block, they too encounter situations when they are unable to think ahead. It is always considered best for a designer to write down an idea as soon as it comes to his mind. Today we have such tools available for designers which can help them in their cause.

While searching online, a designer will come across hundreds of such tools and at times there will be a situation which will confuse him as to which tool to choose. Apps for helping designers are available for all platforms like iOS, Android and MAC. Some are amazing to work with while some just manage to provide basic functionality. Here is a list of the best apps for designers which will make their jobs easier.


Adobe Kuler

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch, Kuler is an app which lets you take photographs and extract colors from it. It is a free to use app and is very useful as colors play an important role in designing.

Adobe Ideas

This unique app is highly demanded by designers as it comes with a free 2GB creative cloud account. It also has the option of an auto renewable subscription of enhancing the account up to 20GB and is also free to download. It is app for converting an idea into a design. A designer can create vector sketches with it and also choose between multiple colors and themes. Simply put Adobe has converted the good old pen and paper into a digital version. It has a number of pen and brush options and work can be synced through the internet. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad.


Available for the iPhone and iPad, Paper is a remarkable app which is free to download. Its only downside is that you will have to shell out US$ 6.99 to use some of its features. Its USP lies in the fact that it is user-friendly and even easy to use for newbie designers. It even works flawlessly on slow processors and is creative as well as entertaining.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe is the industry leader when it comes to graphics and design tools. Adobe Photoshop Touch comes loaded with features which help designers to create mind blowing designs. It includes layers, tools, text and filters. There is even a desktop version of this app which is available. This app comes for both major platforms namely Android and iOS. Sharing designs is easy with this app as is allows syncing between devices. In order to use this app you will require a free membership with a Cloud      computing store with a storage space of 2GB.


Many designers publish their work on the social media and there is a good chance that it might be stolen. Marksta allows designers to watermark and add text to their images, so that no one can copy or use them. Customization of borders, adding/removing GPS logos are some of its other features. Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch it cost US$ 1.99 to download and use.


Designing work cannot be completed without Typography. Typecast gathers more than 20,000 fonts from online resources like Google and fonts.com. It has the provisions to test and run any web font before its implementation. It is an app which can be time saving for designers. Its other features include adjusting character spacing, line spacing and line height. It is however not free for use and attracts a charge of US$ 13.25.

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