6 Hottest UI Trends To Watch Out in 2017

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The world of web design is an ever-evolving landscape. In order to sustain this competitive environment, you have to practice the latest trends and the advanced tools. As a website designer, you need to lay stress on rectifying the user interface of the website to funnel down the conversion rates and make more sales.

To keep yourself updated, you need to keep track of the trending web designing techniques. In this post, we will discuss 6 of the hottest UI swings that will prevail in the year 2017. The trends mentioned below are based on enhancing the website from a user’s point of view as well as focus on optimizing the search engine rankings.

1) Full-Screen Videos

Images have been the backbone of UI from a long time. But as web design advances, videos have taken over. We can certainly see more and more websites using background videos for their homepage.

1) Full-Screen Videos

Where regular picture background makes the website appear static, videos take the web aesthetics to a different level. These instantly grab the attention of the user and presents the content in the form of a visual story.

2) Gradients And Vivid Colors

The preceding year saw the overshadowing of static designs with gradients as designers inclined to create custom aesthetics via vivid color palettes. This is done to give a customized appearance and empower the goals of a business.

Gradients have made it’s way to being used for more than just traditional web designing. The digital world is expected to see more vivid colors and gradients as the web designers continue to experiment with the color pallets.

3) Go For Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a tried and tested way of achieving a user-friendly navigation system for your website. When a visitor navigates across the content, the parallax scrolling makes it easier to access the desired information.

Parallax scrolling enables a 3-d sense to the website navigation. This improves the experience of the users when they scroll the web content and keep them engaged.

4) Mobile-First Design Approach

This is a well known fact that mobile users have already outstripped the use of laptops and desktops back in 2016. This simply means that the web designers should follow the mobile-first approach to target the source of maximum incoming. And this is a no brainer that more users mean more revenue for your business.

A mobile-friendly web design lays stress on optimizing the scrolling and navigation aspects of mobile devices. This ensures that the people accessing your website via their smartphones get a hassle-free experience.

5) Cards And Grid Interface

Over the last few years, grids and card based user interface have become quite popular. You might have come across the card based interface, which is widely used among the social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

The grid and card based interface serve the web content in a simple and easy to understand manner. This accounts for an enhanced navigation enjoyable user experience.

6) High-quality And Realistic Images

Using high-quality images on the landing page as well as the blog posts is an effective way of driving more visitors to your website. Precisely, it is the real life images over computer graphics that does the trick.

Most of the online business already use authentic and sharp images for background on their landing page. This acts as a magnet which attracts the users not only to visit the website, but also stay for a longer period of time.


When it comes to the user interface, the web designing industry experiences prompt advancements. Eventually, it gets important to keep up with the emerging trends. The choice of resources for the user interface of the website should focus on achieving the best user experience.

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