5 Ways to Screw up User Experience in an Online Store

Online shopping is a rapidly growing sphere as it is really convenient to buy things via Internet and have them delivered right to your door. The popularity of online shopping leads to tough competition as more and more new online stores are being launched each day. In these conditions it’s important to stand out of the crowd and provide users with good products, sufficient customer service and seamless user experience.

Unfortunately, many online stores fail to understand what good user experience really is. So here are the most widespread ways how an online store can screw up relationships with potential customers.

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Not all online site owners understand that more and more users are using mobiles devices and tablets to view products in their store. When I land in you store, I expect to find out the details about the product, its pictures, etc. Hey, I don’t need any pop-ups that I can hardly close without changing the layout from vertical to horizontal back and forth! Give me the info I need!

Even Google acknowledged the importance of mobile-friendliness and released a new update, known as mobilegeddon. It made some web-masters to switch to responsive layouts. But still there are many shops that fail to provide proper user experience to mobile users.

Small fonts

Don’t think that you need text on product pages for SEO only. I also need it! So please let me see the material, measurements, some info about your product. I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, so let me see the description, make it readable. Don’t use too small font size or some strange fonts. The secret here lies in simplicity.

Low-quality photos

When I come to a shop and see low-quality photos, I begin to doubt whether I should trust this store or not. The idea is simple: high-quality photos of products add credibility and trust to your business, while low-quality pics make users suspicious.

But it’s not only about the products images; it’s about all the pictures in your store. If need to decrease sells, just add a strange-looking logo with visible pixels or a fuzzy image, it will work.

Incomprehensive delivery options info or no info at all

When I buy something from an online shop, I need to know how I get the product: if the delivery is free; if it’s not, then how much it costs; if the products are shipped to my state/country. These questions are important and the final purchasing decision greatly depends on the answers on them.

Imagine: you need to but a present quickly, you find a good one in an online shop but before buying it you need to find out how much the delivery will take. You need the present delivered in 5 days maximum but this store doesn’t provide any info about the delivery time. What would you do? If I were you, I would find another store just to be on the safe side.

The store is a mess

I understand how hard it may be to manage a large inventory. All these cross- and up-sells, related products, sorting options… But cheer up and accept the simple truth: you will help to spend time on setting up all these things if you want your customers be happy. Having happy customers means more orders and revenue for you. Do you get it?

If you sell 10 products, you don’t have to worry how to make them easily accessible. But if you sell 10 000, it’s another store where sorting options and filters come into play. Let users sort things by size, color, bestsellers and< of course, price. This will add visibility to you products and save time for your customers.

Wrapping it Up

Relationships with a customer are similar to relationships with a beloved: you are happy till somebody screws up. You don’t need that. I hope the advice in this article will help you build and maintain long-term relations with your customers!

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