5 Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Walls With Art

One of the most important things that turn a house into a home is its interior design and aesthetics. There’s a sense of comfort and joy when you reside in a modern, beautiful, and sleek space. This can be achieved first and foremost when you get rid of empty blank walls. If you have a vast vacant wall in your home, it’s time to get things going and incorporate art into it.

With the plethora of wall décor ideas available today, you can refresh your space easily with just a few minutes or hours of arrangement and implementation. In fact, wall art posters Australia comes with broad design options that can match your home’s theme. The key is to get your creative juices flowing and come up with the best wall art that can liven up your space even more.

Having said that, you may consider some other unconventional tips when decorating your walls with art.

Statement Wall Art

If you want your wall to be the focal point of your house, and you want to incorporate something that will intrigue your guests, it’s time to incorporate a statement wall art piece. When it comes to statement pieces, they can range pretty diverse. Whatever object comes into mind, the ultimate goal is to make it the center of attention.

Whether it’s a wall poster or a painted canvas, they should create the purpose of stealing the limelight. Any bold, daring piece of artwork can be categorized as a statement wall piece. A unique and attention-grabbing piece like this adds personality and character to a room. Another option is to skip any wall piece and go for a statement wall paint instead. It’s all about boosting your creativity, and you can simply spruce your blank walls with bold colors or patterns to give a big impact to a small space.

Wall Sculptures

Sculptures are great wall art options too. If you’re a sculpture curator, you probably collect a few pieces at home. You should hang a few pieces on the wall as effective decorative elements. Whoever the artist is, you can display their work and make them conversation starters for family and friends who visit your home.

Some wall sculptures might be too heavy to be framed and hung on the wall. One option is to create a thin wooden shelf that will support the weight of the wall art and simply attach them to the walls. There are shelf styling tips that you can apply to elevate your space. Another supportive accessory you can add is steel brackets. Once you’ve decided what to add to your wall, you can arrange them all together and come up with the best wall sculpture design.

Geographic Art

If you’re a frequent traveler and you want your home to showcase a bit of your personality and hobbies, one great art idea for your walls is to incorporate geographic art. Making a décor statement with maps is a great way to express your passion for adventure and travel. Consider displaying some of your memorable souvenirs or photos from your travels to other countries or cities.

Maps alone can be great decorative suggestions for your blank walls. Have them painted onto your entire wall space, and ensure that the colors match your overall home design and theme. Another option is to hang framed maps or travel photos to showcase a geographic vibe in your living space.

Wall Rugs

This wall art idea is some of the most common art decorations in some houses. Instead of attaching rugs to the floors, you can display them vertically instead. Rugs can come in a wide range of colors, patterns, fibers, designs, and materials, making them multifaceted decorative pieces! You can accentuate any room by hanging a bright-hued or neutrally designed rug on an empty wall. This can act as the main focal point of a bigger room.


It’s no surprise how smaller homes usually use mirrors to give their houses the illusion of having wider spaces. However, besides such a purpose, mirrors can make great wall art decor. They can enhance a room’s decor so much!

Use several smaller mirrors of varying shapes and sizes to create a unique pattern on the wall, or hang a massive mirror that goes down to the floor with a gorgeous frame. The key is to incorporate unique shapes and mirror designs to come up with great interior mirror decorations. This is a great wall art design that also allows your home to look more spacious.


Keeping an open mind will allow you to find unique wall art from almost anywhere. Whether you want to use mirrors, framed paintings, sculptures, or wall posters, they can all liven up and refresh your modern space. The key is to match every element and color altogether to create a well-put-together space.

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