5 Tips to Create Landing Pages that Impress and Inspire

For certain webmasters, their website is no less than their business card. Apart from serving as a representation of their expertise, it also offers a whole lot of literature dedicated to their services. And then there are websites which serve to provide industry-centric information to the readers.

Now, whether yours belongs to the former category or the latter, what creates the first impression is the site’s landing page. As a first point of contact, any website’s landing page goes a long way in determining whether your visitors or staying, or whether they are navigating off to the competitors website. The information you are offering may be potentially more valuable to the interested audience, but if landing page fails to convince them to stay, it fails to convince them to buy.

Add Images/Videos – Without Increasing the Page Size By Too Much

The storytelling impact of videos and pictures is pretty much unrivalled. There is an instant connection with the viewers when you have videos and images trying to get a message across, and using the same impact on your landing page would definitely amount to a great idea.

But while you are adding a video, you need to be clear about few things

  • The video is not more than a minute long. 20-40 seconds is the most ideal length for videos being displayed on the landing page
  • To state the obvious, the videos should be of high resolution.
  • Instead of uploading a video on your landing page, it would serve you well that you instead provide a link to a YouTube video, the preview of which will be displayed as a thumbnail on the page. This way, you make sure that video isn’t adding to the page size.

For the images, again, the quality should be high. You can use certain plugins to decrease the image size but to keep the quality untouched. More visually appealing the image is, tighter is its grip over the users.

Landing Page that offers Easy Navigation

Nothing beats user-friendliness. Not even barn burner of a design. When you have a page that serves to be the first point of contact between your users and your site, you need to make sure that the users don’t have a hard time locating different categories and links to pages they might be interested in. the navigational architecture should be lucid and fuss free.

Many webmasters fall to the temptation of adorning their websites with way too much fluff, and end up cluttering their pages. And it’s hard to find the relevant links and widgets within this clutter. Resultantly, seriously put off by the overtly crowded web pages, users leave the website to head for your competitor’s site. Needless to say, it has a debasing effect on your website’s prospects.

So, in order to avert the scenario, it would be great if you can create a wireframe that doesn’t leave any scope for flashy elements. Keep the landing page as clean and fuss free as you can so that users don’t have to squint.

Be Clever with CTA Buttons

If you are running a website that provides service, it is highly likely that it has to be filled with the CTA buttons, and at just about every page. Making them compelling will go a long way that they are not ignored. So, instead of using mundane text like “Submit”, “enter your email address”, what would grab more attention is text snippets like “Download Now”, “Own it”, and so on. Some things are just too mainstream and easy to ignore. If your CTA buttons are characterized by these, you are not likely to induce clicks.

Use Colors and Fonts the Right Way

Inventive fonts and stirring colors can seamlessly replace images and videos when it comes to visually overwhelming your visitors. With the use of colors that are both attractive and fall in sync with your brand message, you are going to make the most satisfying impact. Hire skilled professionals for the job who know how to use a riot of colors and when to draw a line, or for that matter, how to use colors minimally and yet not make it boring.

In the same fashion, you have a slew of fonts available at your behest. While experts would recommend you to keep the simplest of fonts to increase readability, you can allow yourself to be a little fancy when it comes to the above the fold content or taglines, etc. While the font should be chosen in a manner that they are cheeky and unique, you don’t have to make your visitors struggle while comprehending it.

Content that’s To the Point

Content is emerging to be the main vehicle for any industry’s online reach. You may have a blockbuster of a landing page in terms of the images, colors and fonts, but if the content on it is uninspiring in quality and totally off the mark in terms of the SEO, you aren’t finding an audience for your hard-worked design. Each copy on the landing page, or for that matter on every page, should smartly written. It doesn’t have to dole out information about the company and its history in a monotonous tone.

The landing page should rather have as less text as possible. Granted, you want to tell people how you started from the ground up and single-handedly achieved great heights, but you can have an entirely different page dedicated to the same. Nobody is bothered to read about it on the first page they land on. The copies have to be crisp and must communicate your brand values, your services in a manner most comprehensible and impactful. Apparently, professionals know their way around writing and how it can influence the readers. It is thus recommended to hire seasoned content writers and the SEO professionals who can work in tandem to write great content and draw traffic to the site using it.

As iterated before, landing page is an impact maker. Whether that impact is headed north or whether it takes a route southwards depends on how focussed you are.

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