5 Things You Need To Start A Blog Of Your Own

Starting a blog seems exciting and fun, but it is not that easy as we think of it. It can be cumbersome at times. You need to be disciplined and consistent if you want to make it a success; otherwise, it will see a dead end relatively soon.

You need to remember a few concepts and key points before starting your blog to do everything right and avoid major pitfalls.

Have a plan

If you want to start your blog, you must plan how you would take it forward. Do you want it to be a long-term or short-term project? It would help if you had every step planned. If you don’t have a plan, your blog won’t turn out to be successful, and it won’t be popular on search engines.

Determine goals

You should be clear about your goals related to your blog and how do you want it to turn out. Are you doing it for money, or is it just a place where you express your feelings. Planning helps you define how much work is to be done on your blog, and with a goal, you would know how much content is to be posted, at what intervals it would be posted, and what it would include.


This includes all topics you will be writing about. But before choosing your subjects, make sure that they are related to what people need in the market otherwise it won’t get much attention. Choose a niche and if you want to earn from your blog, then do some research about keywords related to your chosen niche, which will help it gain attention on search engines.

Know your competitors

If you are in it to earn, you must know your competitors; it is essential. You might come across ideas which you can present by modifying them in your unique style. You will get to know about the keywords they are using to drive followers to their page and how regular they are with their blogs. All this information can help you compete against them.

Choose a platform

When starting a blog, many people use free blog sites, but these sites do not allow you to control the features of your page. That is why it is recommended that you get a domain and start from a platform that gives accessibility and provides much more features than the free sites. Research about different hosting companies and go through what they are offering. You will receive a lot of traffic if you do it the right way with consistency.

Pick out a theme

Getting a theme for your blog makes it attractive and interesting, but it is necessary to choose a theme that matches your content and topic. If you are writing on a topic related to disasters or politics, don’t choose a fancy and over-animated theme.

Keep a calendar

Keeping a calendar will help you be consistent, and consistency is vital if you want to grow. It is expected that a blog site should be posting regularly, and using a calendar will let you know when to post and what to post. You can study your competitors and know at what intervals they are posting; this will give you a view of what to do.


Promoting your blog is necessary; it brings traffic to your site. Social media is an excellent mode of promotion; you can do manual outreach or collaborate with influencers, interview them, post about them, or you can use paid advertisements or Pay Per Clicks.

Tracking your success

It would be optimal if you had a metric to track your success; it can be a small goal, for example, increasing 15% of your subscribers in three months or whatever you want to do to grow. This gives you a clear perception of growth, how well your blog is performing, and what else you can do to increase it.

 Get it social

Social media has flourished tremendously in the past few years, and if we consider it a way of promoting a brand, then it is a score. Thousands of people share plenty of content every day through different sites: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can make official accounts that are linked to your blog and allow users to share your content. Using the power of social media can do wonders for your blog. If you are creating great content, you will see a rush coming from social media.

 Great Content

It is never an option to compromise with your content. Your content should always be great; if you want to compete in the market without content, there will be no traffic on your blog. Moreover, it would help if you made your content engaging and interesting. Don’t give out unnecessary information that makes your blog look boring.

Basic SEO

If you want to grow your blog effectively, then it is necessary to have basic SEO knowledge. SEO is search engine optimization that will help you create a blog that will have a high rank on search engines.

Relationships matter

Blogging helps you to interact with readers and other bloggers. Making a relationship is essential if you want to grow your blog, pay attention to engaging readers, and creating a connection through your blog. Reply to the comments on your blog and collaborate with other bloggers to write guest posts. This will help you gain a faithful audience who engage with your posts regularly.


Keeping these basic things in mind, you can create a blog and make it successful in the long run. The essential thing is to be yourself, be original and unique. Blogging is no doubt a sturdy task, but it can be a lot of fun too. Develop your style and voice, and write what you feel.

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