5 Photography Essentials Every Beginner Should Have

Capturing snippets of precious memories in anyone’s life gives you that sense of contentment and value. This is probably one of the reasons why many people are getting into photography. They record events, landscapes, people, and any focal elements that help them learn and share their experiences with others.

If you’re still a rookie in photography, it could get overwhelming to understand and choose the camera equipment and accessories necessary for your photography journey. Whether you’re looking into taking photos as a hobby or interested in earning on the side through some photography gigs, you need to shop for pieces of equipment that’ll do the work. While many people would think that the camera and lens are the only essential items for a photographer, more tools to shop at Camera World or other reputable camera gadget stores are necessary to get the perfect shot.

Having said that, consider this checklist so you can be equipped on your photography journey:


Many photographers consider cameras as the most crucial equipment in their craft. Fortunately, the camera industry is massive and growing, allowing you to access the different high technology and modern camera models released every year. But with that benefit also comes the challenge. When there are so many choices, it can be confusing what model to go for. Needless to say, there are the best cameras to consider for every kind of photographer.

A DSLR or mirrorless camera is the best start for many photographers. Unlike point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR cameras have an internal mirror that reflects light directly from their lenses into their optical viewfinders, allowing users to see precisely what their lenses see. On the other side of the fence, mirrorless cameras are easier to navigate because they’re portable, but they don’t have DSLRs’ features. However, for starters, any of these two can be good camera equipment to learn valuable photography tricks. Depending on your budget, amateurs can get a good quality beginner camera for as low as GBP£250.

Camera Lens

Most cameras come with a standard kit lens, so you most likely have the same set included in your own camera. But it’s essential to understand firsthand the limitations of these lenses. Unlike prime lenses, they won’t help you achieve those dramatic effects you want to have on your images. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in some prime lenses, aside from those with your camera.

Despite their inability to adjust their focal length, prime lenses provide superior image quality and portability. Like cameras, lenses also come in vast selection choices. Depending on your preferred size, shape, functions, prices, and brands, there are many of today’s offerings. It all boils down to what photos you’d like to produce. The key is learning and discovering more about the different lenses and purchasing the beneficial yet easy-to-manage ones to help you grow as a photographer.


Anyone working with a camera would benefit from investing in a good tripod. This allows you to take landscape images and group photos with utmost stability and convenience. Also, it enables you to shoot long exposures and use low ISOs without introducing motion blur into your photographs. This tool will also support you in getting HDR composite shots.

Tripods also come in many makes and models. But you just need to decide whether you’d like something portable, durable, weather-resistant, etc. You should invest in a durable one if you’re looking to take photos outdoors, on trails, and in nature. This is the best accessory to assist you in taking landscape photography.

Shutter Release Remote Control

This next must-have camera tool is a shutter release remote control. With a remote shutter release, you can take pictures without touching the body of your camera. You’ll need to use this accessory to produce long-exposure photos with your tripod. Secure the wireless one, and it will be handy for when you’d like to appear in front of the camera too.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are an essential photography accessory as it’s the device that stores every image taken from your camera. Raw files can take up a lot of storage space, so it’s crucial to secure more memory cards. It’s also worth noting to secure backup files for your raw images to ensure that your photos are not compromised. When shooting for events and special occasions, always keep a few extra memory cards.


There are many tips to boost your creativity and camera skills essential to getting the perfect shot. However, using the right gear will also contribute to the quality of your images taken. Hopefully, with the checklist stated in this article, you can finally secure the camera essentials that you need as a rookie photographer. As some could be priced hefty, there’s no need to buy all of them at once. Do your research, don’t rush the process, stick with the basics first and save until you finally get all the tools and equipment you want and need.

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John Morris has been in the arts and photography industry for fifteen years. He believes that every image has power and that many moments in life are worth capturing. When not taking photos, he enjoys painting and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen with his wife and two kids. 

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