5 Benefits of Abstract Iconography for Brand Identity in 2018

Brand communication connects the website with its users. The effective it is, the more beneficial it is for the website. Iconography is one of the supreme ways of doing so and it plays a crucial role in web development. The different colours and designs used by iconography communicate amazingly on GUI. There is a large community running and offering a wide variety of designs. Countless websites are being launched on daily basis and this will spread more in 2018. So, this online quest towards a successful and user-friendly website will heat up more this year.

Hence during website developing and designing process, using icons instead of lists and titles, representing different things and features through icons and highlighting special points by icons will definitely attract more users to the websites.

Icons uplift the GUI

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Icons mark upright objectives. They are designed in such size and styles that are easily touched in a finger operated user interface and also goes well with the cursor of the mouse. They also use less space. They work effectively for the international users as you are not needed to translate them. If intelligently designed, the users can spot them at a glance. This will all depend upon the artistic ability of the web developers.

Icons make the page less crowded

If you are offering a lot of objects on your website, then you will have to inform your users about them. There are two ways of doing it, either make a long list of many words and let them buzz all over the page so that it can annoy your user or make some small, meaningful and well-designed icons in order to attract them. Well in this era of creativity and shortcuts you will definitely choose the second way while developing your website if you are smart enough!

Icons occupy less space

If you have more than enough to share on your web page and the limited space doesn’t allow you or if you have to consider the fact that a lot of writing on the web page will make the user bored and they will not visit again then adding icons instead of long explanations will save the space for you. Their colours and styles will attract more users instead.

Icons will boost readability

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One of the factors which define the success of any website is its readability. You will certainly achieve a positive popularity if your website has a decent readability. Some pages on the website need more attention as they can be a bit boring at times. These lifeless pages will not only irritate the users but will also make them leave your web page. Adding interesting and eye-catching icons will help improve the readability of those pages on your website. So, during your website development keep in mind that, Icons are tiny but they carry a hidden ability to develop the worth of your website. They will not only deliver the direct message but also improve the clarity aspect of the website.

Use icons instead of titles

Titles set standards for a website. They let the users know if you have something to offer on their plate. Icon with an attractive and cool design showcasing your titles will undoubtedly grab the user attention. Visitors will be eager to know more about it, which in return will increase their stay on your website. You can also utilize icons to highlight different subsections on the website. Using them where you think your content gets a little boring will be a bonus for your traffic.

In this era of internet blogging, it has become a necessity to make your website unique, exceptional and attractive with a lot of colours and styles all at the same time. Whether you are launching a website in 2018 or you already did one but are worried about the traffic than be creative in using the icons as it can be a U-turn for your website.

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