4 Eye Catching Flyer Designs

Chances are that you see flyers a lot of the time. If you run a small business, you’ve probably had flyers printed in the past in order to inform potential customers/clients about a product/service that you’re offering, or even a discount.

Even if you don’t run a business, you probably still come across flyers most days. I know that for me, not a single day seems to go by without receiving a fast food flyer through my door and typically, they feature a bog-standard design that usually causes them to wind up in the trash.

But do things really have to be this way? Do flyer designs have to be boring and dull? No, they don’t, and to prove this, I’ve rounded up a list of a few of the most creative, eye-catching flyer designs ever for your inspiration.

1 – Mokka Cuka

To start off our list, we have this fantastic looking flyer that has been created by a Hungarian designer in order to promote an event in his home country; Hungary. There’s absolutely no doubt that this flyer catches your eye thanks to its bold use of typography and colour.

It might look like a bit of a crazy flyer to begin with but this is exactly why it’s so eye-catching. It doesn’t conform to the standard, boring design that most flyer designs adhere to and the result is a trendy and ingenious flyer that must have taken a serious amount of effort.

It promotes an event at a venue in Hungary and quite clearly, it’s a music related event. The flyer has images of a USB iPod cable, headphone jack and a microphone to clearly depict this. The use of the custom font and bold colours (blue, red and orange) help this flyer to stand out even more.

Mokka Cuka


2 – Your Hands Can Be Dangerous

We see a lot of advertisements in various forms that promote personal hygiene, safety and so forth, but truthfully, most of them are pretty dull and boring. This flyer aims to tackle the common issue of dirty hands and does so in one of the most effective ways I’ve ever seen.

Again, the flyer is extremely eye-catching and would definitely catch your attention, even from a distance, mostly thanks to the bold use of colour and the menacing image. As you can see, the flyer uses a pair of hands to depict a menacing looking monster which represents the bacteria that could be present if you don’t keep your hands clean.

It’s a fantastic flyer that would definitely have served its intended purpose perfectly. If I saw this flyer, it would definitely catch my attention and make me think more about how I could be spreading bacteria if I didn’t keep my hands clean.

Your Hands Can Be Dangerous


3 – One Plus One

I personally love this flyer design and not only find it to be eye-catching, but also one of the most well-designed and beautiful flyers I’ve ever seen. It was produced by an online store that sells a range of table decorations, mainly for weddings and as you can see, this flyer definitely makes and impact and grabs your attention.

Once again, it’s the bold use of colour and typography that really helps this flyer design to stand out. It’s one of the most colourful flyer designs I’ve seen in a while and the typography is amazing too. You can see from the background that the various layer overlays give it an almost “letterpress-like” effect, which looks great.

It was created to promote a new product range and I’m sure that it did its job effectively. It’s certainly an inspiring flyer design. Feel free to check out their online store too, as they sell a range of beautiful table decorations and other wedding accessories/goods.

One Plus One


4 – United Students

United Students is one of the biggest student associations in Switzerland and to promote one of their parties/events, they created this exceptionally eye-catching flyer that would really catch the attention of their target audience.

Clearly, this flyer was created to attract students and because of this, it features a modern, trendy design that helps to portray a trendy party that people are going to want to attend. In terms of the design, it’s a pretty minimalistic flyer and you can clearly see that the main focal point of the flyer is the “Big Ben” in a blue circle image. The use of this iconic, world-renowned landmark helps to make the flyer even more attention-grabbing and also reflects the name of the event.

This was actually one of a series of these flyers produced for a number of parties held in various cities around Europe, with each poster featuring a landmark that represented the city it was held in.

United Students



As you can clearly see, with a bit of creativity and thought, flyers can be exceptionally eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Just because you’re creating a flyer, it doesn’t mean that you have to use a bog-standard template that’s been used a million times before and that doesn’t reflect your brand/purpose. You should put as much effort into flyer design for your business as you do for any other type of marketing material.

You can clearly see from the flyers featured in this post that there are two main things to think about when it comes to creating an eye-catching design; colour and typography. If you can get these two aspects of your design right, you’re going to be well on your way to creating a successful flyer that really captures the attention of its target audience.

Remember, you should keep your target audience in mind. For example, you shouldn’t create a trendy-looking flyer (such as the United Students flyer) if your target audience is the elderly population. It’s the same with any marketing material.


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