3D Printed Dreamer Mask: Illumination

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The mask featured in this post, portrays the unpredictability of the entrepreneurial and creative Dreamer’s wonderlands. The pursuit of a passion can bring illuminating clarity or consume us with fear and uncertainty. Overall, the masks aims to raise a discussion on how we choose to wear our dreams (or nightmares) at rest, work, play, and life. The design is originally derived from Lumecluster’s fluidly chaotic black and white ink illustrations. This mask is the first in the Lumecluster Dreamer/Nightmare Mask Series.

Melissa Ng is the creator of Lumecluster.com, where she helps entrepreneurs break through fear and self-doubt through inspirational writing and 3D printed art. She is also co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York.







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