30 Awesome Shoe Designs

This post is a guest post, written by Jerry, a fashion columnist for Chonies.co.uk and online magazines. They are renown for their luxury collection of mens gifts, you can browse Chonies cufflinks here. Shoes were originally created as footwear that were designed to keep human feet warm, protected against the environment and add comfort in different types of terrain. Amazingly, the earliest known shoe dates to 8000 BC, and was discovered in Oregon, USA. However, it is theorized that shoes existed even before that, but simply degraded over the thousands of years and are thus no longer in existence. As with all other garments and accessories, shoes quickly became a symbol of wealth and began to have unique and custom designs created. While shoes have gone through many styles and interations, there are still people creating new fashion statements with them, such as the shoes you’ll find in this post that are either elegant, functional, or both.

celtic shoe by ~furryspork


Omelle Footwear 2009 by Nicole LaFave


Mojito shoe design – Hakes Associate


Converse All Stars shoe Design by ~photoJunknStuff


Shoes from Keren Peretz – clog-like slippers






By Darlene


Jaewon, Conductor Stripe


Shoe By ohrfeus


Compression Shoe By marzellluz


Shoe Stretcher By galessa’s plastics


Design By Pip Glanville


Kelsey, Speed Yellow


Workshop By Kirsten S.


Purple & Silver Platform Sandal By erichazann


Luxury Shoe Design By LÉO BARRILARI


Crazy Shoe Design By 10lohuis


Marc newson By sepbach


Le Creative Sweatshop’s


uique Shoes design By jatim dotorg


keyboard shoe By Fumi Yamazaki


Designer Shoe


Shoes Or Feet? By Patty1234


Wierd Shoes By willy1808


Kiran, Vapour with yellow band


Studded strappy black By Summit Fashions


The Little Shoe Box


Sharp Shoe Design


Icon, Cool Mix

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