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2013 was the year of the battle between flat design and realism. To illustrate this battle, Intacto created a story to show you how it all went down. But they went further, they not only created an awesome story with stunning visuals, they also created a website to present the story, and by scrolling you’re able to ‘read’ the story. The combination of the visuals, scrolling based actions and of course this hot flat vs realism topic creates one of the best/ fun web experiences I’ve experienced in a long time (oh, and they even included a little game, somewhere halfway).

Keep in mind, according to the website, the story is best viewed in Chrome (but hey, why should you use something else ;)). Below some screenshots to show you how epic the illustrations alone are, but you should definitely click them and start scrolling yourself. Oh, and if you have some time, what do you think for this year: Flat, Realism, or something new (whatever that might be)?















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