20 Creative Graphic Design Trends of 2013

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The designs for the creative websites have come in new and are very inspirational. These designs can be used for creating a very attractive website that will be able to sell your idea. Here are the 20 most creative graphic design trends of websites of 2013.


1. These types of designs focus on the retina graphics. It depicts new age of designs that allow you to upload high resolution images which will look great.


2. This design is known as the fixed header bars. You can always change the heading of the website but the bars would remain.


3. Large images and their backdrops on the website are the new design for the websites of 2013.


4. This style and design is known as the CSS transparency. You can see the design which is transparent in the background.


5. This is another design which is known as the Minimalistic Landing Pages. You can see various small designs falling down the main website page.


6. The Digital QR codes are also fast becoming a very famous design for the new websites of 2013.


7. The social media badges are just another design which has to be present on each website and blog. However you can always choose the design of the badge that you want to put up.


8. The detailed illustrations are also being extensively used in the world of graphic designing.


9. The infinite scrolling is also another great graphic designing that you can use for your website in 2013.


10. Home page feature tours are also one of the fast growing and popular designs for graphics in this year.


11. The sliding webpage panels are also very novel and attractive to be used as the graphic design.


12. The mobile navigation toggle is also being used in many websites asa design to suit people who visit them from their phones.


13. The full screen typography is also one of the newest graphic designs which is getting popular day by day.


14. The API and Open source is also one of the best designs in the world of graphic designing.


15. The deep shadow boxes and designs is also greatly used because of their uniqueness and creativity.


16. CSS3 Animations are also popular because of the beauty of the design.


17. Vertical Navigation is also a design that is being used so far in this year because of the ease of design.


18. Single page web design is also becoming popular because they are easier to use.


19. The circular design elements have become very common in the designs of web pages because of the creativity one can use in them.


20. Using self images is also one of the newest designs in graphic designing.

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