10 Worst Company Logos Ever

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Some logos are outstanding works of art that represent their companies so well that they’re hardly ever change and can stand as symbols of their entire industries for decades. Other logo designs are not so great. When a logo design fails, an entire brand or company can fail along with it, so great logo design is critical to your success. And it’s what’s missing from the following 10 worst company logos ever.

Kaspersky Lab

If you have to study a logotype to understand it, that logo is probably bad. Kaspersky Lab’s logo definitely qualifies, and given the company’s success I’m surprised they haven’t revamped it. To be certain, the logo is well-recognized within its industry; still, it’s unreadable at a glance.


Country Style Cooking

I don’t have a problem with this logo design, other than the fact that it looks outdated and somewhat amateurish. I have a major problem with its relevance. I think a simple, sleek logo that’s relevant to country style cooking would serve the company better. And are blue- and green-haired people the target market for country style cooking?


Washington Group International

A major player in the government-contracted restoration of Iraq’s oil fields, this company’s logo looks more like it belongs on the side of a COBRA tank. In an age when many are suspicious of government activity in the Middle East, one would think a venomous snake would be a poor choice for this company’s logo.


Bad Air

OK, so perhaps it was intentional to make the logo look as though it is passing gas; but I still can’t think of any good reason to proclaim that your company stinks.


Womens Resource Center

This logo design isn’t so bad, but black and purple might be considered poor color choices for an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse.


Bad Girls Coffee Company

I actually like the coffee cop with the steamy devil’s tail concept, but the rest of the logo – especially the typeface – is terrible.


L&L Total Home Improvement

I have no idea what this paint-can-bodied, donkey-headed, tool-appendaged beast is good for, but I know it’s most definitely not good for a logo.



Want an instant headache? Stare at the Highlight logo for 10 seconds. That’s how truly terrible this logo is.


Cleverly Creative

This logo turns the company name into a paradox, given it looks like a stock logo template. The company has since redesigned it.


Bench Warmer

A picture is worth a thousand words… need I say more?

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