10 Web Design Trends For 2012

This post is a guest post, written by Brianne Walter, a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of books. Recently an article on most expensive diamond attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on HTC ChaCha for her blog. Last week Brianne wrote some tips about using photoshop to design a website, today she gives you 10 trends to keep in mind while designing…

Web development has attained sky-scraping progress to establish its own individuality in today’s trend. Moreover the concept of web design can be acquired by an easy access through countless open source library. Also they have got recognized in global design community and mostly these design keeps varying every year. To compete with present competitors the web developers work in the concept of innovation. Typically there are about 10 web ideas which have been quickly full-fledged over the years. These ideas impute graphic design techniques which will capture a big part in 2012. Fortunately the methods to optimize these features have become smooth and easy to comprehend. Now let us look at the features at a glance:


1. Getting mobile well-matched
Before few years superior quality designs have gained enormous reputation to the website. Subsequently a research study anticipated that around 1/5 of the web services proposed to carry out the operation through mobile devices in 2012. It is important to access the websites mobile compatible as it is the need of the hour which helps to cover wide scope in the business.


2. End of flash and appearance of HTML
Ironically till date flash plays a trivial role but Adobe has recently stated a statement that they will exhibit certain policy changes in case of usage of flash in mobile web. So gradually the websites have started to shift to CSS3, JQuery and HTML. But it sounds that the interface of flash cannot replace any other device. Multimedia support and Real time interaction are some of the pioneering features to accelerate the emerging technology.


3. Emergence of 3D technology
In 2012, many websites have started to implicate 3D effects ranging from rich texture to shadows. The developers are focusing on visual rich application which will create interactive layout. As a result these web design trends will edge a higher level.


4. Interactive typography
The usage of creative fonts has become an innovative skill in the business circle. They are implementing the websites by mixing fonts which finally results in the stunning success of the design layout. Recently 0SS3 has become one of the effective devices to make the web interactive.


5. Making it big
The web developers have started to thing innovatively and they optimize big icons, designer logos in order to conquer the minds of the visitors. Basically these designers create an idea suiting the taste of the customers.


6. Communicative additions
These communicative additions include use of modal window as they helps in adding input excluding the page. Even login boxes and registration applications will facilitate as an addition.


7. Hybrid layouts
Moreover the websites will use hybrid layout in this year. Actually in certain aspects of the design the text width will be fixed and other parts will remain fluid. These applications will definitely give a comprehensive look to the website.


8. Bright colors and flowing background
Basically white and black are considered to be common colors and the bright colors will not present life to the site but rather take the customer to an innovative style of browsing the website.


9. Compact information
Added to this, single page layout will be an exclusive feature of this year as it will saves the precious time of the users.


10. Social media
Due to these above features social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will face an increase web formats. This will gradually lead to an increase in traffic to the site.


To sum up
Therefore the progress of web design trend is ongoing process and it has started to emerge with the help of latest technology in the year 2012. It is sure that it will create a revolution in the web world.


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