10 Trend-Bucking Yet Amazing Website Designs

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Think about the web design trend buzzwords today: responsive, single page, flat. These design concepts are become more popular as companies update their websites, but they’re not the only great design concepts being launched today. What about the trend-bucking websites? Or the trend-setting? To demonstrate that one doesn’t have to follow the herd to be heard, I’ve listed 10 trend-bucking yet amazing website designs here.

Roland Olbeter View website»

This portfolio site implements grids, but heavily employs Flash animations that interact on mouseover. Some might consider passé (including myself), but we can’t deny that it can achieve an amazing visual presentation.


Paolo Cavanna View website»

Yes, it’s a single page design, but the fact that its main image is largely devoid of color makes it a unique trend-bucker.


Marc Dahmon View website»

Keyboard navigation isn’t new, but this website design incorporates it in a unique way you won’t find on most other sites: the user is immediately presented with keyboard instructions front-and-center.


Baroque.me View website»

No Flash is needed for this home page animation, which features orbs that circle in seemingly-random patterns over ever-changing “strings” to compose music.


Tori’s Eye View website»

Most social media posts are displayed in linear hierarchies, but this website displays Twitter feeds via animated flying birds.


Despair View website»

The actual design of this website isn’t so different; it’s the content that sets it apart. This service sells products intended to zap your motivation.


Socket Studios View website»

Visit this site, and you’re greeting with an almost colorless landscape of adorned only with basic typography.  Click a few icons, however, and you delve deeper into the site’s modern design.


Kenji Saito View website»

A Flash-less blob animation undulates around a simple call to action in this unique home page design.


My Provence View website»

This French festival incorporates surrealism into its home page design, lending an artistic flair that’s unforgettably unique.


Ousback View website»

This band website presents users with scrolling stars and meteors, the “painted” logo, and just two links. It’s a single page design, but the visual presentation is as unique as anything I’ve seen.



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