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Summer Script
Summer Jams
Candy Inc.
KG Strawberry Limeade
Summer Time Lovin’
Summer Beauty
Life’s A Beach
Fair Faces

Typography is hot right now, which is a very good trend for graphic design. I love how so many designs today are pushing the envelope when it comes to typography, rather than relying on the effective, yet overused, Helvetica font family. Typography is more than the makeup of letters and words; it sets the tone of your designs, creates excitement or a mood, and can be a major factor in influencing those who see your designs.


Great typography makes customers feel comfortable and emboldens people to take action, whether it’s buying a product or joining a cause. What better time to experiment with some of the hottest trending typefaces than summer, the hottest season of the year? Here are 10 sizzling free summer fonts you can use for your poster, banner, postcards, brochure and web designs this summer.


Summer Beauty by Flop Design view font»

I like this font for posters, postcards and other retail marketing materials. The rounded corners give it a fun, buoyant feel.


Summertime by Sara view font»

This font has a vintage, halcyon days appeal to it. I think would look great on advertising, web banners and posters.



Candy Inc. by Billy Argel view font»

Another vintage summer font that reminds me of baseball and drug store cherry fizzes, though, admittedly, I’ve never enjoyed a drug store cherry fizz.



Summer Script by Xerographer Fonts view font»

Need the perfect font for a love letter or a message in a bottle? Summer Script might fit the bill.



Summer Time Lovin’ by Skyhaven view font»

This font sort of reminds me of those 1980s cartoon commercial shorts that told us to beware of power lines – an integral part of summer mornings spent in front of the TV.


KG Strawberry Limeade by Kimberly Geswein view font»

A fun, light, cool font that’s aptly named; this font is a refreshing break from so many blocky or overly scripted fonts.


Life’s A Beach by Vanessa Bays view font»

If you’re designing a beach-related poster, flyer, postcard or website advertisement, this font can lend a seaside atmosphere.



Summer Jams by Skyhaven view font»

Another retro summer font, this one reminds me of the early ’90s – when bicycle shorts, jam pants, and, yes, MC Hammer were in style. You can’t touch this!



Fair Faces by Jester Font Studio view font»

The perfect font for a carnival poster or fair flyer, Fair Faces could also be used to advertise a festival’s house of mirrors … or house of horrors!


BistroWine by 21stBistro view font»

My favorite place to eat in the summer is a bistro with sidewalk seating and chalkboard advertising, which is what this font reminds me of.


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