10 Powerful Pet Product Package Designs

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Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design
Pet Product Package Design

I’m a dog lover and I would sometimes spoil our 3 dogs and I’m one of those gazillions pet owners who would buy toys and treats for their adorable pets. No wonder the pet industry is a booming business – not only do they spend a lot to have packaging that is eye-catching and informative but also designs that invoke a certain kind of emotions. Look at these 10 designs and tell me if they are not well thought of. Dogs and cats won’t appreciate if the package is green, red or blue but they are not the ones buying, right?


1. ABC Pet by Think It Design Visit website»

Pet Product Package DesignA surefire way to make your packaging stand out is to incorporate die cuts, such as the cat paws cut into this packaging designed by Think It Design.


2. Tailspins by Darlene Konieczny Visit website»

Pet Product Package DesignPet silhouettes dominate the packaging of Tailspins, grabbing attention with a simple contrast between the figures and the colorful backgrounds.


3. VersaFlap by WeatherchemVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignFunctionality is the key with the VersaFlap. A simple twist of the lid allows the customer to access the product inside without having to open the container.


4. FlexZiBox by Nordenia InternationalVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignCustomers like packaging that is resealable, and the FlexZiBox blends convenience with eye-catching and sophisticated graphic design.


5. Greenbone Waste BagsVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignGoing green is easy when you keep your packaging simple and recyclable. The packaging for these Greenbone waste bags is minimal and made from recycled materials.


6. Totally Natural by FoundryVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignIt’s fantastic when your graphic design can effectively reflect the spirit of your product. Here, the natural colors and tones of the boxes enhances the “natural” idea of the treats.


7. Pet Matrix by Casey SershonVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignSometimes the best graphic design is one that is simple and uncluttered. These graphics stand out because they aren’t busy or obtrusive. It’s a smooth and clean look that makes the product more appealing to the eye.


8. For Paws by Creative ClinicVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignPet food is becoming more and more high-end, and this design for For Paws is high-end at its best. The graphics are classy and sophisticated, which can make pet owners feel better about the quality of the food inside.


9. My Dog Stinks by ISKRA CreativeVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignWhen you’re trying to solve a problem, get right to the point. This fun design by ISKRA Creative makes sure you know exactly what the product is for.


10. Pet Essentials by Farmhouse DesignVisit website»

Pet Product Package DesignWhen your customer’s pet deserves only the best, make sure your design is top-notch. This packaging for Pet Essentials makes it clear that these pets will be pampered “purrrfectly.”

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