10 Posters and Flyers You Wish You Had Designed

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Ever have a case of design envy? That’s when you see an amazing design and wish it had been your style, your technique or your idea. As a graphic designer, when someone else’s creative work moves you it’s a special occasion indeed. After all, you’ve studied some of the greatest designs in the world (and probably make a few of your own). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’m confident you’ll wish you had designed the following 10 outstanding posters and flyers.

Lovejoy poster by andersdenkendsource»

I love how the designer’s use of shadow adds rich depth that makes this poster look 3-D. The poster advertises a music festival.


Dockers Wear The Pants postersource»

Do you remember this ad campaign? It’s one of my favorites, because it delivered a powerful message that transcended marketing. It tapped into social phenomena and aligned itself with men alienated by contemporary times; it encouraged men to assert themselves. One great way? By wearing Dockers, of course!


Into The Green poster by Anton Burmistrovsource»

The vinyl record turned into a tree stump represented a cultural event that moved “out of the basement” and into the outdoors.

Dr. Cloudenstein and the Creepy Slug from Outer Space movie poster by Mateusz Chmurasource»

This fun and cool retro poster promotes an odd (and fictional) movie; I’m still waiting for the U.S. release!


Surf Party poster by Imelda Ogilvysource»

I love the clever use of the popsicle as a surfboard and the nostalgic blue background.


Barcamp poster by Bill S Kenneysource»

I love typography posters, but most are far too wordy and include little white space. This poster features the perfect balance of typographic text and white space.


Samarah Mall poster by Tamer Kashouqasource»

Part of a series of clever fish-shaped product posters advertising a shopping mall.


Filter 017 postersource»

I love this poster design’s creative mix of typography and symbols.


Sharknado Pinup by Anthony Petriesource»

If you’re a “Sharknado” fan, you’ll love this jaw-dropping pinup poster! Pop culture at its finest.

Liberty University Camp Fair postersource»

The paper designs give this poster a 3-D appearance with a unique theme on an attractive background. What’s not to like?


Which is your favorite poster design?

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