Fashion king Giorgio Armani may have his nose put out of joint by this advert from animal rights campaigners PETA branding him 'Pinocchio Armani'. PETA is accusing Armani of going back on a pledge to stop using fur in his collections - and has written to all this year's Oscar nominees urging them not to wear his clothes to the awards. The furious animal lovers claim he is just like cartoon puppet Pinocchio, whose nose famously grew when he didn't tell the truth. The advert says: "Giorgio Armani broke his public promise to stop using fur - his latest collections include fur-trimmed skirts and coats as well as jackets and even snowsuits for toddlers trimmed with rabbit fur. "He gets his fur from China, where animals - who are protected by no laws there - are often skinned alive. "Until Mr Armani makes good on his promise, please choose somebody else's clothes to wear to this year's Academy Awards."

Ref: SPL77140 040209
Picture by: PETA/Splash News

Color palette

  • #944434
  • #745945
  • #B58A6A
  • #3B2E24
  • #4A5455
  • #46494E
  • #898E8B
  • #83848C
  • #111112

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