10 Interesting Logo Animation Techniques

Although logo designs make most people think about these design ideas as something modern, the company logo concept has been around almost as much as business itself. Some companies haven’t changed their logo designs for ages.

Logos will be around for as long as businesses continue to market their services and products. While this will never change, one thing will – the need for a more effective logo design that can make a brand stand out from the rest and get ahead of the competition curve.

Suppose we take a decreasing human attention span and increasing global competition into consideration. In that case, it’s safe to conclude that modern companies will have to increasingly look for all available solutions at hand that may help them leave a great first impression with their brands.

The main goal is to successfully beat the completion and become a dominant force in the market.

Logo Animation

Since being highly competitive is vital to your efforts to attract a broader target audience, it’s time to embrace the most powerful benefit modern technology can give you – logo animation. This type of logo allows you to enhance your effort of taking your business to a whole new level. Modern consumers respond well to exciting logo designs.

The best way to grab their attention is to combine logo animation with a great logo design. The main result will be a visually striking, entertaining, and vibrant logo that effectively conveys your brand message, giving your business the right brand identity your consumers can relate to.

Since this is the most effective way to leave a memorable, lasting, and positive impression on your consumers, the best way to get ahead of the logo animation game is to consider hiring a professional logo animation specialist.

Professionals have insight into the best techniques that will make your logo stand out. With that in mind, here are the top ten techniques that give the best results in 2020.

1. Including an Animated Logo in the Intro of Your Branded Videos

Video marketing is the biggest thing today, and it’s still growing. According to some studies, almost 99% of businesses use video for marketing their products/services. However, while video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get ahead of the competition, it’s also the technique that your competitors will increasingly use.

This logo animation technique allows brands to start their videos with an animated logo. It makes them look more professional, but more importantly, it conveys a clear message to the target audiences.

2. Finishing Your Branded Videos with an Animated Logo

Just as you should always start your branded videos with an animated logo, it’s also a very effective idea for outros. Including your animated logo in the intro and outro is the best way to make sure your viewers have received the brand message.

The intro tells them who you are, and the outro ensures they remember that. More importantly, if your video is convincing enough, consumers will take the next step down the funnel, which is the main point of your video marketing.

So, ending your video with an animated logo is how you make sure your consumers memorize your brand, products, or services.

3. Making Your Email Signatures More Memorable with an Animated Logo

In the world of B2B business, email is still the number one communication method. It’s the most detailed and influential source of information for target audiences. Despite this high level of importance, many businesses still fail to realize the importance of email signatures.

Most email signatures include basic pieces of information, such as a short quip, static logo, job title, and name. This sort of email signature is dull and easily ignorable. However, including an animated logo in your email signature is a different thing altogether. It can be attention-grabbing enough to drive consumers to take the wanted steps.

4. Including an Animated Logo in Your Presentations

Presentations are among the most effective logo animation techniques simply because they allow you to show off your brand to broad audiences in real-time.

Like big brands use trade shows to set up big screens showing their animated logos to grab attention, the same goes for presentations, as they work in a similar manner.

A presentation is a perfect place to flash your animated logo, making your brand more professional, relatable, and memorable.

5. Using an Animated Logo across Social Media

There is no better way to promote your brand than using social media platforms. Aside from being visual, these platforms gather millions of users daily. Some recent studies confirmed that 80% of brands are using visual assets to make the most out of their social media marketing.

Since we already mentioned that visuals are crucial for any marketing effort today, video content is the king as it gives the best results over any other marketing method. Video has the power to grab attention. Social media platforms are swarming with consumers, and brands need a way to grab their attention. An animated logo can do all that and more.

6. Spicing Up Your Website Homepage with an Animated Logo

Let’s say that you’ve already completed all the steps mentioned above, and potential prospects landed on your website homepage. Now what? Surprise them and additionally grab their interest by including an animated logo on your homepage.

This will delight your potential customers and encourage them to go ahead and explore your website. Here’s a professional tip: Only let your animation loop once. Anything more than that could be distracting.

7. Including Your Animated Logo in Digital Advertising Banners

Banner ads are mostly ignored by internet users as they are so overwhelmed with them that they choose to ignore them. However, there is a way to make sure your digital advertising banner gets the wanted attention.

Combine your animated logo with your banner to make it more appealing and attention-grabbing. This logo animation technique can significantly increase your click-through rate and take your digital advertising to a whole new level.

8. Using Logo Animation at Trade Shows

An excellent logo animation technique for grabbing attention and reaching wider audiences is to include an animated logo on big screens at trade shows.

Nothing creates excellent opportunities, like this method. It’s also the best way to meet your target audience face-to-face and get to know their needs, wants, and desires.

9. Making Sure Your Animated Logo Fits Your Business

Regardless of your business niche, your logo animation has to fit your company in every way. Aside from deciding how you want your animation to look, act, and move, it’s vital to match your logo animation with your website’s design in mind. Consistency should be your top priority, especially when it comes to your company’s general aesthetics.

10. Using Modern Animation

Modern animation is easy to understand, light, simple, and clean. It falls easy on the eyes and doesn’t include too many effects that could distract the consumer. However, the key to providing the right, most effective animation logo is to determine how long the animation lasts.

It shouldn’t last more than 5 seconds. Please keep it simple, fast, and relevant, and don’t forget to add a background. Hiring professional video animation services can do wonders for your marketing and branding effects.

Consider logo animation services as the most effective way to get ahead of the competition curve and attract the right audience.

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