10 Finest Examples of Website Integration With HTML5 Technology

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HTML5 is a standard fifth revision of HTML. It is a markup language, used for structuring and presenting content for a core technology as well as World Wide Web. The core aim is to improve language and provide support for the latest multimedia in order to make it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computer and computing devices such as parsers, web browsers & many more.

HTML5 has introduced with a variety of cool features and new tags for web designers to palette of enhancement that previously required for plug-ins. As web designer, it is important to start development with this exciting new trend and find all new possibilities. HTML5 is working in progress, but W3C still making changes to this standard for new features and support.

I have compiled a list of 10 most creative websites that are engaging with HTML5 tags. One of the interesting features with this language is responsive design for making own website inspiration and impressive. Have fun while browsing this amazing collection and give your suggestions in the end. This blog can also encourage you to share the post with their co-workers and friends.

Let’s take a look at 10 most creative examples of website design using HTML5:

HTML PandaView website»

The simple yet interesting web page design with navigation at menu bar. The layout and graphics are beautifully managed. All things have proper space. Easy to scroll and enlarge size of images and content of this page through mobile devices and almost common browsers.

CSSChopperView website»

CSSChopper is really cool and simplistic design website, which is carefully build with overall unique design. This site allows visitors to enlarge the size of content and images and easy to scroll with mobile phones as well. Nothing is hidden at web pages of this site, navigation drop-down list is appear at menu bar. CSSChopper offers some nice features to take a visual and amazing journey experience with it. It is a great example of an interactive and user-friendly HTML5 implementation.

DroprView website»

Dropr has a simple and unique navigation for overall website design. It has a number of loading script to get descriptions of features while visitors scroll. The available menu options at the top left and right corner have navigation. The “Splash” full screen feature used in this site is a good example of HTML5 design.

No-RefreshView website»

No-Refresh stands out different from others because of its designs and features that it provides to visitors. As an user, you can easily access this website on any mobile device with common browsers. The creativity is also reflected at small images that are added at the top of page with navigation. One of the best examples of navigation is seen at 1/3 part of the page. Layout, graphic, design, images, content, everything is superb at this site.

Better GraphView website»

Easily accessible and simple layout of website design builds it impressive. A lots of information is incorporated with few navigations. You can see navigation on menu bars, in the top right corner button, contact and view details. Good effort for HTML5 markup language.

WoodWorkView website»

In a stunning way, WoodWork is showcasing their work with slider effect. Once you click on any of the picture, the rest of pictures are pulled to side just like a theater curtain. Good approach for making innovative and unique website and experiencing fast template browsing.

CartelleView website»

A huge slider on the front page of website is starting with danger symbol, then a soldier and at the end the main page comes. Having cool timer effect with a slider effects. A grid design is used to manage images in quite a nice manner.

1minus1View website»

The very well-crafted illustrations are tremendously designed with little animation effect on the front page of website. Although this illustration explains everything, but I think that they want to say that this is our work support key and how it filters before reaching to customers. Check yourself.

Vivas CommunicationView website»

Splash of colors move in the background while scroll down page. The full screen background is used in such a great way to showcase different and unique work, which is possible with the help of technology – WordPress and full screen website templates.

DieselView website»

The collection of pictures is appreciatively managed in grid format with one moving image and flash while hover over on any image. Innovative design with nice front-page. Check it out.

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