10 Fantastic Flat Logo Designs

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Flat design is taking the world by storm, so much that it’s become a relative buzzword among designers. The popularity of flat design has permeated the business world, as many brands have reinvented their images with flat logo design. Like other popular design trends, there are no absolute rules to crafting flat designs, but in general flat design features:

  • an emphasis of function over form
  • minimalism
  • bright colors
  • bold or even exotic typography

Flat design doesn’t try to mimic anything, as in skeuomorphism; rather, it aspires to be the shortest path to the next step. When it comes to logo design, a flat philosophy helps viewers identify with a brand quickly and conveniently.

Flat design is about more than modernity, though many companies have likely adopted flat logos for the purpose alone. It’s about identity, it’s about relevance, and it’s about time designers and companies have adopted a digital style unconstrained from real-world limitations. The results include attractive flat logo designs that are memorable, engaging and relevant. For your inspiration, here are 10 fantastic flat logo designs.

Push Up Charity Logo by Fakt Creative ConsultingView logo»

Exciting typography makes this flat logo design both attractive and motivational, perfect for a charity.

Smart Owl Logo by JonasView logo»

This logo for an educational company features multiple colors, but blends them well within its flat design framework.

Cloud Castle Logo by Chai AhmadView logo»

Simple, clean and memorable; an excellent flat logo design!

Catfood Logo by Jan MeeusView logo»

I love this unique logo, which combines two symbols into one meaningful and relevant image.

FoxyStats Logo by James WaldnerView logo»

The pie-chart-turned-fox is clever, particularly the tail.

Eluvphants Logo by TahsintahilView logo»

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen elephant trunks used to form a heart, but it’s perhaps the most elegant example I’ve seen.

San Francisco Logo by JesusView logo»

Somehow, a flat logo seems perfect for San Francisco, which is always on the cutting edge of design and technology.

Bird Logo by Noe AraujoView logo»

Another excellent example of flat design, I love how the bird’s simple shapes combine to form a more complicated image.

Golf Logo by Alen Type08 PavlovicView logo»

Clever typography makes this logo unique and memorable; the only question I have is whether it is readable for the masses.

Bourbon Simple Logo by Curt RiceView logo»

Another example of simple symbols forming a more complex image and bold, unique typography.


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