10 Creative Invitation Card Designs

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Want to get more attention – and more guests – for your big event? Consider crafting a creative invitation card design. The most creative invitation card designs get the most attention, and they also make statements. They tell potential guests that your event is the can’t-miss event of the day, and they would be unwise to miss it. For your inspiration, here are 10 creative invitation card designs.

Birthday Steak and BBQ Invitation Template by Best Templates View design»

Celebrate your birthday with a Steak & BBQ and use this template as an invite.

Creative Invitation by Mauricio Mir View design»

This creative invitation card design features a unique shape that is inserted into an elegant sleeve when folded.


Festival Wedding Invitation by Mandolin Invitations View design»

The wedding venue is fitting, given this wedding invitation’s carnival playbill design.


Complete Invitation Kit on Designspiration View design»

This invitation kit includes a map, wristband, envelopes and, of course, the invitation itself.


Elegant Letterpress Invitation Design by Aaron Fischer View design»

The designer crafted this elegant, beautiful invitation for his own wedding.


Creative Invitation II by Mauricio Mir View design»

I didn’t realize this was the second invitation design by Mir to make this list when I originally chose it; the designer has a knack for invitation folds and minimalist elegance.


Wood and Paper Invitations on Designspiration View design»

This unique and creative invitation would be perfect for an outdoor wedding in the woods!


Typographic High-Contrast Invitation by Michael Williamson View design»

Beautiful, big, bold typography in high contrast makes this a unique and creative invitation card design.


Sofitel Invitation Design by Remo Design View design»

This invitation card design is all about luxury, perfect for a luxury hotel!


Creative Invitation III by Mauricio Mir View design»

Another outstanding and super-creative invitation card design by Mir, this one incorporating a die-cut fold.


Unique Save The Date Invitation  Card Design on Designspiratoin View design»

This creative invitation set features stickers, a wax stamper, and even some buttons for good measure.


As you can see, when you print creative invitation designs you’ll have striking invitations that command attention and yield more guests for your big event. Share your creative invitation card designs in the comments!

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