10 Cool Trade Show Display Designs

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Trade shows represent excellent opportunities for vendors to get in front of potential customers and promote their brands within their industry and to media members. Trade show display design is a critical component when it comes to attracting interesting visitors at large, highly competitive trade shows. No more can you show up with a few brochures and a vinyl banner, and sit back while crowds flock to your booth. Yes, brochures and banners are necessary, but you also need a compelling design that helps promote your brand image and attract your target customer base from the other end of the floor. For your inspiration, here are 10 cool trade show display designs.

ThermoFisher ScientificView design »

Bright colors and great geometry set this inviting trade show display booth apart.

ROHMView design »

Cool LED-lit curtains (I think) beckon passers-by in for a closer look.

SplashTacularView design »

Concentric rings and an attractive lit color scheme invite trade show attendees to find out what this business is all about.

VacuWareView design »

One of the absolute best trade show booth designs I’ve ever seen, this VacuWare booth invites you to belly up to the kitchen bar for a demonstration.

BlueTrekView design »

A two-story trade show booth puts you heads and shoulders above the competition!

BoonView design »

This booth intrigues by giving you just a peek at what’s inside.

PlastibutionView design »

This booth looks like a futuristic time warp pod – or many just a restaurant booth – but it’s definitely cool enough to attract visitors.

Allegro PhotographyView design »

You don’t need a huge budget to make an attractive trade show booth, as demonstrated by this super-cool design.

BMC SoftwareView design »

Walk the “streets” at your next trade show by incorporating a similar irresistible trade show booth design. Use road signs to direct your visitors to the most important information.

Green WatersView design »

The ultra-unique booths command attention, such as this design featuring a vertical “ceiling-grown” garden.

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