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We see a ton of posts showcasing great web designs for business, but some of the coolest designs are actually in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits have a constant need to market and effectively communicate with those they serve as well as donors, volunteers and the media. As such, they have to devote a healthy budget to developing and maintaining their websites. Moreover, many designers offer discounts for nonprofits, and love to use their nonprofit work to showcase their talents. There’s a certain amount of clout in having designed the website for a well-known and respected nonprofit organization; plus, being able to deliver expands your network with nonprofit directors: some of the most well-connected people in the community. If you get a chance to design a website for a nonprofit organization, see if you can match the creativity presented in the following 10 cool nonprofit website designs.

Housing WorksView website»

A large image slider with a caption instantly brings viewers into the story of the organization’s work. Large buttons for newsletter sign-up, support services and employment make it easy to find what you came for.


CounterspillView website»

This website design’s colors are consistent with its disaster theme, and the interactive maps help the nonprofit organization immediately demonstrate the need for action.


Take The WalkView website»

The design works perfectly with the copy to issue a challenge: take the walk. The visual flow of the site makes it conducive to finding what you need – and getting viewers to learn more.


The Girl EffectView website»

I love this website’s clean, yet bold, design, which makes the organization appear authoritative. That’s not a bad thing, given donors want their money to go to charities that can get the job done.


MIFAView website»

I love this clean, gridded web design for its simple aesthetics, which make it easy to navigate. Moreover, the design lends itself to the organization’s message by highlighting, rather than distracting from, the slide show and the donate call to action.

Sower of SeedsView website»

This outstanding nonprofit website design captures attention with its bold look, which reminds me of an online magazine. The colors, layout, copy and images work together to make you want to read, which in turn draws you in to the organization and motivates action.


Starting BlocView website»

I don’t think I’ve seen a design that engages contributors better than this. As soon as you’re on the page, you use your mouse or arrow keys to navigate through prompts to determine how you fit in with Starting Bloc.


Acumen FundView website»

A video to engage, a Forbes magazine cover to lend credibility, and donation calls to action – all above the fold. This is an outstanding example of action-driven web design.


Dream YearView website»

Large, bold typography with images that follow suit, this web design is perfect for sparking interest and motivating readers to scroll “below the fold.”


KIDSView website»

A large action shot piques curiosity, the copy makes the organization’s intent evident and urgent, and large call to action buttons make you want to click “make a cash donation.” What more could you ask for from a nonprofit website design?


What’s your favorite nonprofit website?  Let us know in the comments!

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