10 Cool New Business Card Designs

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Urban Motion Business Card
Business Card
Business Card
Sky Simulator Business Card
Elite Suicide Tattoo Business Card
Neil House Brewery Business Cards
Khybot Business Card
Business Card
The Rabbit Hole Coffee House and Restaurant
Wohohw Business Cards

Business cards are perhaps your most important marketing and networking tools. You should carry them on you at all times, and be prepared to hand them out to anyone and everyone you meet. Business cards are cheap to print, and they’re expected and anticipated at trade shows, conferences, seminars, and other business events. They can also be handed out at other social events, at the racquet club, during nights out on the town, and sent along with every communication you send, from sales letters to media kits. If you’re in business, you need a business card.

Not just any business card will do, either. To stand out in today’s sea of competition, you need a business card that is striking to command attention. Your business card design should be relevant to your business, unique and different from your competitors, and incorporate your brand image and personality. If it’s time for a new business card design, you can find inspiration in the following 10 cool new business card designs.


The Rabbit Hole Coffee House and Restaurant by Tiffany HsuView post »


Greta Madline Business CardView post »


Aidan Gowland Business CardView post »



Sky Simulator Business Card by Azurin NasirView post »


Neil House Brewery Business Cards by Amy LeeView post »


Khybot Business Card by Donald Yi GeorgeView post »


Elite Suicide Tattoo Business Card by Moanungsang LemturView post »


Wohohw Business Cards by Arianna TonarelliView post »


Michelle Dadoun Business CardView post »


Urban Motion Business Card by Monica KominamiView post »

As you can see, each of these examples is unique, distinctive, relevant to their respective businesses and true to their brands.  Which is your favorite business card design?


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