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I shouldn’t have to ask, but you’ve watched every episode of “Arrested Development,” right? I mean, it’s only the greatest comedy show ever created. Ever. Period. Go away, “The Office” people – at least AD didn’t have to steal its premise from Britain.

No, “Arrested Development” is a purely American creation, and perhaps the U.S. is the only country that could produce such an unbalanced TV family (OK, Britain, I’ll give you the Osbournes, even though we’re the ones who actually broadcast their, um, shenanigans). Since “Arrested Development” is so great, many devoted designers have crafted cool designs commemorating the show and its unforgettable characters. I’ve showcased 10 of the coolest here.

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand by Mike DeLuigiview design»

Michael, unfortunately, never realized the literal meaning George Sr.’s words had until the bananas burned.


No Touching by cool-slayerview design»

Geroge Bluth, ever disappointed in prison’s strict “no touching” policy.


Arrested Development Poster by billpyleview design»

Tobias on your mind?


Loose Seal by Phillip Tsengview design»

Lucille, loose seal, what’s the big deal?


I’m A Monster! on Fffoundview design»

Eventually, Buster gets a helping hand.


And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note on ShirtWootview design»

Not every TV comedy incorporates public service messages.


Chickens Don’t Clap! by b1naryg0dview design»

Unless it’s a chicken by the name of Gob.


Chicken Danceview design»

Speaking of Gob, here he is performing his famous chicken dance. Looks like Tobias made an appearance as well.


Tobias Funke by Eric Bubasview design»

The most, um, colorful “Arrested Development” character.


Lucille Bluth by AllisonSmithview design»

Behind every great man stands a great woman… neither are found on “Arrested Development.”


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