10 Best Typography Examples to Use for Brands in 2020

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Creating a brand identity in the market has become crucial for all businesses. Without taking support from expert designers and crafters, it is almost impossible to leave your mark on the audiences. As the global digital population has reached 3.75 billion, marketing your business online is a better way to expand your reach to global audiences and earn your name.

Typography: A Modern Trend Helping Earn Recommendation Quick and Easy

While designers are gaining momentum in today’s workplace, their designs make all the difference for the brands as it makes or breaks their game. As a designer, it feels good to have this importance, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you have developed a taste for finding and crafting designs and typography now, you can observe anything and find something interesting in anything you observe.

To craft excellent typography that can make a brand memorable and help make their website designs look gorgeous, you have to work extra hard and find the latest designs that can steal the attention of viewers. By taking inspiration from tried and tested typography methods, you can craft yours to be inspirational for others and help provide excellent results.

10 Attractive Typography Examples for Brands to Leave Their Unique Impression in 2020

Here is the list of the practical use of best typography practices you can take inspiration from. Design experts recommend and identify these trends as the best one to use for your work and deliver excellent results. And if the fonts below don’t fit your designs, have a look at actionfonts.com a font site with a huge selection of free fonts.

1. Evergreen Serif

In the digital world, the Sans- Serif font group is considered as a “modern” when compared with others. As the look and feel these fonts provide are excellently suitable for digital media, Sans- Serif is back in the game with its variations that serve brand purposes well. The clever use of these fonts gives you a modern look while keeping your feet on the ground.
Here is an example of modern typeface derived from sans-serif that works its charm and steals the eyes and attention away.

2. Simple and Straightforward

Again giving a simple twist to the very famous sans-serif, the trend of using rounded fonts and typefaces to represent products is catching the pace. In 2020, nothing is childish as long as it is simple, straightforward, and extremely user-centric. The increased use of geometric typefaces and rounded edges is supported by Google, Airbnb, Spotify, and more. The rounded serifs can imply a simple yet stunning design for your brand.

Here is the example of Airbnb using rounded serifs for their website copy, and the response from their users says it all.

3. Font Outlines

The best way to catch the attention is by highlighting what you are doing. And outlining of your fonts turns out an excellent way to do the same. This trick of typography is mostly seen with sans serifs and provides support for website copy. The texts are majorly kept capitals, and the letters get placed over an image or a video. However, when doing this, it is better to keep the colors, contrast, and background aspects in mind.
Here is an example of font outlines used in a website copy to catch the attention while the typeface is inspired by the sans serif group.

4. Color Gradients

Gradients are a superb way of making a design shine while keeping it subtle. Color gradients never go out of fashion, and if you use it within a limit, it is a sure way of skyrocketing the brand identity. Make the typography gradient-based but do not vary in the shadow and color much. This helps you give a consistent design while making them shine better than ever. Here’s an example:



5. Color Everywhere!

While a plain text or font type may seem tedious, 2020 is about to bring new styles that bring up the hit of color everywhere! While catchy headlines can make a brand stand out from the crowd, eye-delighting contrasts and colors used can add more benefit to these efforts. Here’s a simple example of typography with colored fonts:

6. Overlay

Do you want to go hand in hand with the latest techs? To represent your brand as a tech-updated and inventive, your typography must use the best approaches that sing the same tune. The overlay is one of the best ways to make a difference in the market, while others are stuck with old approaches.

It holds the potential to open new gates for your design. But ensure the text is short and the size is big enough to let users capture what’s changing in the background. Here’s a sample:

7. Overlay Other Elements

Keeping your text far away from other elements is good practice. However, the changing trends of the industry are suggesting something else. As the designs and typography are trying out new ways of making designs delighting, the text is now overlapping other elements of the page as well. And this practice is achieving popularity as the final outputs are breathtakingly beautiful. Here’s an example:

8. Handwritten

Typefaces used in the design determines how a design would look. And the trend of using handwriting like typefaces never goes out of fashion. An elegant type of fonts used in the banners helps leave a good impression of a brand over the viewers. Good old writing makes all the difference if you want to showcase the value of a brand that is operating for years and serving customers with the best efforts. Here’s an example:


9. Highlight

To catch the attention of users directly over the text, the best way is to highlight the text. It makes it easier to grab their focus and helps in highlighting the most crucial aspect of the entire banner. Highlighted text is becoming one of the go-to typography styles in 2020. The designers are advised to keep the typeface simple and highlight it among the other elements to make a difference. Here’s the example:

10. Customized Letters

Typography is not about how beautiful the letters are; it is about how a designer succeeds in creating an impressive group of letters. Therefore, there is always scope for enhancement and customization. If you want to show your creative side, customized letters, spacing, and entirely customized typography are back in fashion to boast the design skills of a designer. Here’s an example:


Typography trends keep changing with time. A designer has to keep their eyes open throughout the time to search for the latest and the best one that suits their brand. By inspiring others to follow their footsteps, great designers of today rely heavily on typography designs to make a brand unique from its competitors. With the right aspects used throughout the time, it is easier to keep your concepts updated and generate the best designs your clients will love.

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