10 Best Gangster Movie Posters Ever

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We love gangster movies. It’s the reason at least five of the top 20 movies of all-time feature gangsters. For those enamored with the silver screen, gangster movie posters become collectibles to hang in home theaters and man caves across America. Here, in no particular order, I list the 10 best gangster movie posters of all time. Do you agree?

Dead PresidentsView poster »

So many gangster movie posters feature guys with guns – or, just the actors themselves, hoping ensemble casts will sell. That’s why “Casino” and “Goodfellas” are not on this list. “Dead Presidents” is, however, because it’s scary. And gangsters should be scary.


Wanted dead or aliveFree poster templates
Road to PerditionView poster »

Tom Hanks with a tommy gun is cool and the rain is a nice touch; however, the inclusion of the boy is what sets this gangster movie poster apart. We’re instantly concerned about him.

The UntouchablesView poster »

I love the way this poster demonstrates the underdog status of Elliot Ness’s group. The message is clear: Capone was king.

ScarfaceView poster »

One of the most iconic movie posters in history, featuring Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

Pulp FictionView poster »

The original “Pulp Fiction” poster was designed to resemble a pulp fiction paperback.

The GodfatherView poster »

The puppet strings make this movie poster perhaps the single most recognizable in all of film.

American History XView poster »

A truly terrifying movie poster. Edward Norton was epic in this movie, and his character’s misdirected hate is seems to punch you in the face on this poster.

Mesrine: Public Enemy Number OneView poster »

The lingering drop of blood makes this a cold and perhaps-too-real poster for a critically-acclaimed movie based on a true story.

GomorraView poster »

This movie poster poses more questions than it answers – which is what makes it such an outstanding marketing masterpiece. Why are they shooting toward the sea? Why are they only wearing their underwear and tennis shoes?

Miller’s CrossingView poster »

In my opinion, this is hands-down the best movie poster ever. It captures the true nature of organized crime, the violent bloodshed and the end-of-life begging. More terrifying than any horror movie poster.

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