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What makes a great logo? Brand relevance, striking imagery, simplicity, originality and recognition all are elements of a great logo. The best logos are associated with some of the most prominent brands on the planet, which begs the question: are the logos considered great because the companies behind them are so well-marketed, or would they be considered great logos even if their companies were lesser-known? See if you can answer that question as you consider the following 10 best company logos ever.

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The Nike logo is perhaps the best logo ever designed. It embodies the essence and philosophy of the company as well as its customers, and accomplishes the desired task: to represent motion. Nearly everyone the world over recognizes the Nike logo.



The Golden Arches have become synonymous with fast food in the United States and much of the civilized world. When a logo is so recognizable and symbolic of its product, it should most definitely be deemed an outstanding success.



This cool logo type features a red flame to dot the “I,” perfect for a company that specializes in lighters.



Few lists of the world’s greatest logos would be complete without the Apple logo, which has gone from being symbolic of grade school computers to representing the most popular devices on the planet: iPhones, iPods and iPads.



Another worldwide brand, Coca-Cola’s typeface is one of the few great logos designed with a cursive font.



It’s difficult to include many modern companies on this list of great logos, primarily because most haven’t been around long enough to determine whether their logos will withstand the test of time. Google’s logo, however, has already proven that as it has evolved very little from the company’s earliest days.



Nike isn’t the only sporting goods company to make this list. Adidas doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for its logo, which has graced countless athlete’s shoes, jackets, shirts and other apparel.



Ford’s logo has evolved since the company’s inception, but its basic design has remained consistent over the past few decades. You could simply print the blue oval without the “Ford” typeface, and most people would recognize it as the Ford logo.



Walt Disney’s signature serves as the foundation for this famous logo, one that most of America is conditioned to recognize from childhood.



One of the most recognizable symbols in the business world, the IBM logo stands as one of the best logos ever designed.


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