10 Best Alternative Movie Posters Ever

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Movie posters are among the most collectible Hollywood memorabilia, and despite the popularity and value of some movie posters (a 1954 original “Godzilla” movie poster will run you about $21,850), not every poster chosen by producers is the best version available. In many cases, the alternatives are better – perhaps not for marketing, and maybe they wouldn’t have been as good when the movies they represent were first released.  However, the iconic status of some movies lends itself to the creation of alternative movie posters that are more meaningful now that we’ve seen the films than they could have possibly been prior to release.

IMP Awards routinely publishes movie poster alternates, though many of those were actually used in some advertising. It’s definitely worth a look; still, those studio-ordered productions aren’t the posters I’m talking about. What I love are the post-release alternative movie posters, designed by graphic designers who happen to be fans of some of the world’s greatest films. I like those listed at Alternative Movie Posters. These designs transcend fan art; just like the originals (or even more so), they’re worthy of placement on your home theater wall.

Here are the top ten alternative movie posters ever.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

A T-101 with a sawed-off shotgun on a Harley is frightening to say the least, but at least you can foster some home it has a bit of humanity. Not true of the bare machine.



The silhouette in the original design might as soon be doing a funky new jive as opposed to free-falling.


The Breakfast Club

The original depicts the movie’s stars in a bland, uninspiring image. I like the alternative, which is simple, intriguing, and features one of the film’s best phrases.



Another gem from Hitchcock, though the movie poster doesn’t do it any justice – given it’s about as frightening as a fluffy bunny in a dandelion field. The alternative? Much better.



I love the original Ghostbusters movie poster for its iconic logo. However, I will argue that the alternative is far more clever.



The 1942 classic movie poster is all about adventure, but the alternative captures the film’s true spirit.


The Shawshank Redemption

The original movie poster design is one the most iconic in modern film – which makes it tough to beat. This alternative, while not as dramatic, is brilliant for capturing one of the movie’s greatest moments: when the warden realizes something has gone awry.


Man of Steel

Sure, this 2013 movie is way too modern to be considered a classic. It’s also striking, given its modern take on Superman’s duds. Still, I like the alternative better because it better represents the film protagonist’s journey from Earth boy to Superman.


Jurassic Park

The original movie poster features another iconic logo that is tough, if not impossible, to beat. However, I like how the alternative features one of the movie’s most harrowing scenes.


From Russia with Love

OK, so the original is cool… very cool.  But only for its copy, not its design. I love the alternative because it seems more mysterious.


What is your favorite alternative movie poster?

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