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Top 10 Websites of this Week (wk. 26/2017)

There are thousands and thousands of ways to design your website, but as with many things; a certain subject requires a certain design style. Of course it's a good thing to set your own style, but be aware that people already have associations with certain styles. It's obvious that you don't use happy, bright colors…

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Hunt or be hunted...

Our goal is to hunt the web for art so we can share it with you. There might even be a chance that we're hunting for your work! However, because there are so many hunting spots, it's quite possible you're not there when we're hunting. That's why we allow you to help us discover you, simply by submitting your work.

Wonder Woman – Alternative poster by Lorenzo Imperato

Visions by Rami Samir

The Wonder Woman in her Ordinary. by Renu

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Yearbook 2015

As the print media is getting obsolete and is in process by replacing it with digital medium. Here was an attempt to keep the print…

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New Movie Posters for Dunkirk

This new movie of Christopher Nolan is about the evacuation of allied soldiers who were surrounded by the German army on the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk during World War II. A rescue mission of 400.000 soldiers who couldn't get home. This movie is coming soon to theaters on July 21.

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Our little secret, brother. by Marwan Nazeer

Illustration by Büşra Şenol

Wastelands by Pere Ibañez

Where is my Mind by timothee widmer

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