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A look at the Works of Bruno Henris

Today we've a look at the works of Bruno Henris, a Brazilian graphic designer with eight years of experience, through advertising agencies, design offices and visual communication. Bruno currently has a job specialized in branding and visual identities. Bruno: my style of creation is minimalist always aiming to create a simple visual identity that is easy…

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Hunt or be hunted...

Our goal is to hunt the web for art so we can share it with you. There might even be a chance that we're hunting for your work! However, because there are so many hunting spots, it's quite possible you're not there when we're hunting. That's why we allow you to help us discover you, simply by submitting your work.

The Orange pipe by Zachary Zaitonia

illustration by Büşra

illustration by Büşra

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march of robots 18 by virginie paulus

virginie paulus participation to the march of robots (challenge made by Dacosta Bayley's @chocolatsoop) Have you ever seen religious robots? with hopes, dreams and feelings?…

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New Movie Posters for Ghost Stories

Don't we all want horror and other unlogical things to be explained? This professor Phillip Goodman tries to explain some horror events but will he keep his believe in rational explanations when he gets a letter from his mentor who was presumed dead? He has to find rational explanations for the stories of three haunted…

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Digital Disobedience by Bálooie

RED by C.Andrew Naveen

Mini Spawn by Jen Klabis

Wonder Woman by Renato Cunha

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