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Top 10 Webdesigns of this Week (wk. 04/2017)

Music and sounds can set the atmosphere of your website. That's cool, but be careful with it. People don't always expect noise coming out of their computer when opening a website. Make sure the sounds really are a good addition to your site and aren't too loud. Also make sure the sound immediately stops when…

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Hunt or be hunted...

Our goal is to hunt the web for art so we can share it with you. There might even be a chance that we're hunting for your work! However, because there are so many hunting spots, it's quite possible you're not there when we're hunting. That's why we allow you to help us discover you, simply by submitting your work.

Teenage Battlefield by Martina Marie Manalo

The Salvation by Noèlia Andrés

Key Art For Metra Park by Noah

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The Radiant Thread

‘The Radiant Thread,’ tells a story about an engrossing journey to my subconscious to find my mission on Earth. During the whole journey, I watched…

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New Movie Posters for Kong: Skull Island

In this movie monsters really exist and they are huge, really, really huge. A team of explorers and soldiers have the honor to meet them, but for some of the team it will be their last trip... This domain, an uncharted island in the Pacific, belongs to the mythic Kong and his monsters and they…

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Swimming in the Clouds by Casey Bell

A moment of hope by Bebo Halim

Nero Vesuvio – Essenza Napoletana by io design agency

We See All by ClassicDeKay

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